Bug - templates not functional  

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Bug - templates not functional

by carolo » Mon May 12, 2014 10:11 am

The template feature does not work as expected, with AGP 351 W7 the template feature seems completely unuseable.

Expected behaviour:
Transfer image positions and hard links from master pano to similar sets of images.

What i did:

Shot image sequenze for full sphere
Detect and optimize a master pano as good as it gets
Manually aligned images with no control points (upper hemisphere)
Hard linked all images with no control points
Saved as template

Used template for similar set of images with no error message

What i experienced:

The template file contains control points with "rms=0" for the hard linked images, seems to be ok
On detection (template activated) these control points are thrown out regardgless of my settings
Images without detectable control points stick at base position
Result: Same as without template, so completely unuseable

Expected solution:

Please do not destroy my input from the master pano!

On detection use all information from processed images
If a images delivers no control points just use the dummy points from the template, that's why i made the effort!
This should be not much work on coding...

Result: Best possible alignment for new images
Useable and coherent placement for featureless images
Structure will be preserved with further optimization - delivering perfect pano

Thanks for updating soon!


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Re: Bug - templates not functional

by mediavets » Mon May 12, 2014 12:08 pm

What happens if you instead Export to Papywizard .. to create an XML file and then use that XML file with the Papywizard Import wizard?

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Re: Bug - templates not functional

by carolo » Mon May 12, 2014 12:43 pm

Now that will do until the real thing comes along!

Positions are preserved, hard links are lost, but optimization does not destroy the layout.

Thanks for the workaround,


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Re: Bug - templates not functional

by gkaefer » Tue May 13, 2014 2:44 pm

ha... dont know if the Templates purpose is to do that....
... in screenshot the description not explicitely states that hard links CPs etc are reused.

a Workaround can be achieved this way:
1. finish your pano, render the pano if you like...
2. in APGs main menu (not in Editors window) "save Workspace"
3. in result xxx.apw and xxx.pano is saved
4. open both files in Texteditor capable to edit XML files (aptana Studio just as example)
5. copy those two files, rename them, edit the referenced filenames also inside both files. adopt the filenames to the new Images from new Project
6. open edited Project file.... (if error occure than one refeerenced Image was forgotten to be changed...)

this works if the pano pattern is identical (same focal, same row and column numbers but only different filenames)

2014-05-13 15_31_51-[Group 0]-G0020012_G0020013-3 images.pano_.png

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Re: Bug - templates not functional

by carolo » Tue May 13, 2014 7:26 pm

Thanks Georg,

but from my impressions of other software and following the meaning of the word a template should exactly do that!
Case now, it just kills my input and does nothing for me.

I frequently use file name editing in other context if i have absolute control of source image positions. But here i need a template function as i described above.
The template workflow creates a new set of control points for the new images which file substitution does not.

Meanwhile i get by with the workaround via papywizard. So maybe the bug should be renamed to "template button orphaned, template feature in disguise as papywizard".


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