APG 3/3.5 - Cache overrules reality  

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APG 3/3.5 - Cache overrules reality

by TimR » Mon Mar 10, 2014 9:42 pm

Known problem with APG 3.0x and 3.5Beta, running under Win7-SP1

If I pull files into a group and hit "Detect" to find a pano, then decide to make changes to one or more of the files (and re-save them under the original/same file name), delete the group, create a new group, re-populate it with files (including the files that were changed), APG somehow sees the original files, even if those files no longer exist! The only way I can get APG to see the new versions of the files is to close it and re-start it again. This also happens when I'm only using the Neutralhazer tool. Apparently APG caches the file and continues to reuse the cached version until I close the program. This also happens when I try to create a new pano from a new group (after closing all old groups) with new files; if any of the new files have names that match files previously used (thanks, Nikon, for that "feature") it uses the image of the previous file, even if that file no longer exists in its original location (which is why I suspect the cache).

I suspect that this was done originally to speed up loading, but that isn't an issue these days. Would you please stop assuming that just because a file may have the same name as a previously used file, that it's the same file? It's annoying (although not fatal) to have to close and restart APG just to flush the cache.

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Re: APG 3/3.5 - Cache overrules reality

by ThomasV » Tue Mar 11, 2014 8:57 am


This behavior can indeed be confusing. Nevertheless, you can reload images. Just select the images you want to reload in the group and select 'Reload' in contextual menu.


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