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[APG 3 A2 Linux] Error in preview window

PostPosted: Wed Aug 29, 2012 11:53 am
by Photonicwand
I am trying out APG 3, Alpha 2, under Linux, specifically under Mint 12, which is based on Ubuntu.

For most of the panoramas I have tried up till now, the tool behaves as expected. However, for a couple of the panoramas I was working on, the result in the preview window of Autopano was "warped". It looks as if the original photos are placed in the wrong location and are wrongly shaped. I attached a few screenshot with different areas highlighted. All screenshots are from the same project.

The final, rendered, output, does look ok and does not have these warped images.

When closing and re-opening the project, the preview continues to be warped, so it is not a temporary problem.

As the final result looks ok, the biggest impact of this issue is that it is very hard to work on the panorama before rendering it - e.g., straightening the panorama and masking become a real challenge in the warped preview.

I upladed the files that create this problem for me to the ftp server.

PostPosted: Wed Aug 29, 2012 5:03 pm
by AlexandreJ
Interesting result :)
I think, you have one or two images for which the lens distortion got out of range. Could you post here the layer editor screenshot where we can see values of yaw, pitch, raw, for all images ?

PostPosted: Wed Aug 29, 2012 5:35 pm
by Photonicwand
I agree that the result is artistic in its own right :cool:

Looking at the details in the layer editor, it looks as if the editor is using the wrong focal length for some reason. I attached two screenshots: one with a panorama that has the issue, the other with a panorama that does not have the issue. As you can see from the subject, both were taken very shortly after one another and therefore I did not adjust any camera settings.

Note that for both of them, the panorama renders fine without any problems. The problem only occurs in the preview window while working on the panorama.

I am using a 5D Mark III with a 8-15mm lens set at 12mm if that makes a difference.

PostPosted: Thu Aug 30, 2012 8:13 am
by AlexandreJ
So I confirm the analysis : it seems that the optimizer wasn't able to go through the first case as the focal did reach the internal limit of 220°. When you have this way in focal, then the optimizer didn't converge to the real solution.
1. check the control point and add some near the corner of images, it does help a lot.
2. provide me the images through FTP, I want to play with them :

PostPosted: Thu Aug 30, 2012 3:37 pm
by Photonicwand
Interesting. Not sure why it would do that for some panoramas and not for others, considering they were taken with the same camera and lens at the same settings. Unless the raw converter I use (Darktable) has something to do with it.

I uploaded to the FTP server yesterday. The file name startes with Photonicwand_ (don't remember the entire name).

PostPosted: Fri Aug 31, 2012 5:58 pm
by AlexandreJ
Got the sample, found the bug :)
Thanks for sharing it.

PostPosted: Sat Sep 15, 2012 9:29 am
by Photonicwand
Great! Thanks for fixing it! :-)

PostPosted: Sat Sep 22, 2012 8:09 am
by bradtem
Well, I had something like this today. A 2-row pano shot with a 50mm lens on a clickstop pano mount -- so nice intervals for all. But it insisted the focal length was 24mm and double overlapped. This was probably due to the presence of sky shots where there were light cloud patterns which allowed blending for most but not all shots, but the lack of blending shouldn't cause this. Would be nice if I could tell it, "really, believe the focal length in the exif, or at least don't drift more than 5% from it."