Autopano, browse folder crash analysis  

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Autopano, browse folder crash analysis

by AlexandreJ » Wed Jan 11, 2012 9:11 am


We are trying to find this bug that affects only windows 7, 64bits. For that, here's 3 ways to find the real cause behind this crash.

1. First solution, crash dump analysis.

Unzip and copy AutopanoQT_x64.exe to C:\Program Files\Kolor\Autopano Giga 2.6

Launch AutopanoQT_x64.exe wait for the crash ( you shouldn't wait too long ).
Right after crashing wait for the second dialogbox "AutopanoGiga BUILD_DATE_RC" opens then click on "View detail" ....
Before clicking cancel, send us the 3 files located in:
One zip with all file named after your nickname would be great. Our ftp is here for that :

2. Second solution : MSConfig

Go to execute, type msconfig.

In the first page, hit "selective startup"
Go to the start tab.
Unselect any entry there and restart.
Try again autopano. It should not crash anymore.
Then reactivate one by one the entry in this startup tab until you find the one that is involved with the crash.

Source :

3. Third Solution : ShellExView

It's quite the same idea as the msconfig one but with another tool.
* install ShellExView
* sort the extensions list by the "Type" column and look at all "Thumbnail" and "Icon Handler" items.
* disable/enable 3rd parties "extensions"
** you should find "ShellExtractImage Class" as a Kolor "Thumbnail" type

In order to apply the modifications open the task manager , find & kill explorer process and relaunch explorer with menu File/New Task (run..)/ enter explorer.exe

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by Lecaramel » Wed Jan 25, 2012 7:18 pm

For solution one, I have none of these files. For me, Autopano crashes all the time, mainly when saving or opening (I guess I have the Avast bug), but also when detecting the panorama. I have the feeling that the 2.6.1 is worst than the 2.6.

Perhaps my configuration my be an issue, I'm running 3 screens with two at 2560x1440. But it works fine in other software which are using the graphic card or games.
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