V2.6 compared to V2.5  

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V2.6 compared to V2.5

by hermer-blr » Tue Jan 03, 2012 7:42 pm

Forewarning: I have not performed any measurements; so, this post is based on feelings based on intensive use of APG over the last weeks !

First, I need to stress how modest my configuration is based on Windows 32 with only 2 GBytes memory.

In term of performance, I am very happy of 2.6 (I was already happy with 2.5) that I am presently using to stitch standard panoramas of landscapes (not spherical panos) in exposure fusion mode. The rendering preview is pleasant and useful.

My only point (referred to my modest configuration) is based on the feeling that 2.6 is significantly slower than 2.5:
- Panorama detection now takes a lot of time (result however perfect with RMS cat. 0.9) - 10 to 15 minutes !
- Following detection, panorama stitching seems to be much quicker if I stop APG and restart it (same memory allocation configuration). Otherwise, it will take a much longer time than with 2.5 (Almost 4 hours for a 69 images pano).

In conclusion, I feel that:
- Functionally, APG is now a mature SW witch performs wonderfully well;
- But, the way 2.6 works (program size? memory allocation?) makes its use much more painful with modest HW configurations...

My wish for 2012 is to have the functional performance of 2.6 with the run time of 2.5 (I will not require more than what I had with 2.5).

Happy new year to the Kolor team and APP/APG users !!! May Kolor improve their SW beyond any user's dreams ! May you, users, shoot and stitch the most amazing panoramas ever !
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by gkaefer » Tue Jan 03, 2012 7:58 pm

I know my now following line may be misinterpreted... so sorry in case of that, but my first thought after reading your posting...

... a modern PC based computer inclusive win7 64bit and 8gig RAM is available for less than 350€
if you compare it with the cost of your working time 70-100€ per hour... ;-(

Liebe Gruesse,

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by lumelix » Tue Jan 03, 2012 9:33 pm

Mission impossible !
I mean "beyond any user's dreams".
But I confirm what was written by Georg: A actual Quadcore with at least 8 GB RAM and a nice SSD must no longer needs to remain a dream.
And with this hardware and APG (2.0 - 2.6) we can create panoramas with more than 1400 images - in less than 2 (two) hours. That's a dream !!

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