2.09 Crashes during control point finding. OS X  

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2.09 Crashes during control point finding. OS X

by Eyezac » Tue Oct 12, 2010 3:22 pm

24G RAM, os 10.6.4 AutoPano Giga 2.09. 4433 images.

Firstly the program would crash during the color equalization - so I turned that off just to try to get a render. Now it will get about 3/4 the way through the control point finding (not sure the correct name) and will not only crash the program but freeze the whole computer - only the mouse can move, and I have to hold power to shut down. This has been the only program that has been able to crash this machine like this!

At first I thought maybe it was an overheating issue, so I got some temperature monitoring app and fan controller, and was able to drop the temp to idling temperature but it still crashed at around the 3/4 mark. Seems to be running fine up until this point.

I've also deleted the .plist files (prefs) but to no avail.

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