Panos Rendered Upside Down  

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Panos Rendered Upside Down

by gosw » Thu Aug 10, 2017 3:14 pm


I'm batch rendering 13 groups of photos using Autopano Giga 4.4.1 and five of them rendered upside down. The upside down panos look very good, but they are simply upside down. The settings used to render each group of photos were the same because the camera settings and number of photos didn't change, only the location changed as I moved around the site. I haven't rendered them again since it takes around 2 hours to process each pano and I don't want to re-render only to get the same thing.

Why does this happen and what settings should I be using to stop the rendering of upside down panos? What's troubling is that it seems to be a random occurrence.

A bit of background on the settings used for each pano:
- With my lens and pano head I'm capturing 36 photos for a complete spherical pano, three brackets for each FOV for a total of 108 photos to generate one pano.
- Detection quality high, 200 control points, force every image to be in one pano using all stack levels and detect control points checked. I know using 200 control points slows down processing but I only want to process the pano once.
- Default projection set to spherical, default crop set to maximum projection range.
- Exposure fusion checked and the advanced settings were left at the default.
- Quality set to (12) maximum.
- All color correction check boxes were selected.
- The "Optimization Stages" tab was not selected so all defaults were used.

I think I may have to select some settings in the "Optimization Stages" tab but I'm not sure.

I would really appreciate any thoughts on my problem.

Thank you.

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