AE CC 2018 Reframe Error  

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AE CC 2018 Reframe Error

by pandroid » Fri Dec 15, 2017 9:34 am


I just installed the gopro vr plugins. I tried applying reframe to some footage that I fit to comp size, which is full hd resolution. Everything worked fine at first, but then when I bring the comp to media encoder for rendering, the footage that has reframe applied turns purple and looked damaged. When I go back to my AE project all the footage with reframe plugin now looks that way. I tried doing it from scratch again and now it doesn't work anymore. Just black screen, and when I press play I get that purply distorted damaged look. I will try to upload screenshot. Anyone have this same issue?

edit: I'm using windows 10. graphics card Gtx960. 16gb ram.

edit 2: This seems like a random bug or something. I tried to reset the 360 footage to its original size and the problem was fixed... but only for two footage out of the many footage that is in the composition. But why did this happen suddenly after adding the project to media encoder? it didn't behave like this before.

reframe error.jpg

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Re: AE CC 2018 Reframe Error

by andyr » Fri Dec 22, 2017 12:38 pm

Having the same Issues! Closing and opening After effects seems to work sometimes but the plug-ins seem very buggy and easy to break. Happened on a video I used VR Horizon on, the video wasn't scaled at all.

In the end I just used the After Effects Immersive Video VR Converter plug-in. However even this can't be used on footage that you want to scale, but does seem more reliable.

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