VR plugins for FCPX  

Have a problem using the GoPro VR NLE Plugins? Have you encountered a bug that needs fixing? Please post it here.
Des difficultés à utiliser les plugins NLE GoPro VR ? Avez-vous découvert un bug qui doit être fixé ? Postez les ici.
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VR plugins for FCPX

by step1 » Mon Nov 27, 2017 9:28 pm


I saw that you have three plugins for VR editing to be used with Adobe Premiere and/or Adobe After Effects.

Do you also have the same plugins for FCPX?
And if not, are these in the pipeline for a soon release?

If I use your Go Pro Fusion camera for 360 recording and FCPX and would like to edit my Fusion 360 videos, what is my options?

Please advise.

Best regards


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