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Lots of parallax issues

PostPosted: Mon Oct 03, 2016 7:21 pm
by gabrielnoe
Hello, I recently bought the gopro omni all inclusive.

I was hoping to have a seamless import and stitching process but my final videos are filled with parallax issues, I understand that some objects when they are close to the rig could have this issue but im talking about people standing 2 meters away and still look like floating ghosts!

Im really worried since i spent 5k $ on thi thing and I used to get better results with my 500$ freedom360 rig.

Can anyone tell me if theyre having the same problem as me?

Re: Lots of parallax issues

PostPosted: Mon Oct 03, 2016 8:26 pm
by radium56
1. Freedom360 has a much tighter construction, GoPro body on body, whereas Omni needs a space in the middle for the sync-module, which brings the lenses a substantial amount farther apart, as I can tell from the pics. This is the penalty... So yes, the farther the objects are (which we do not want to hear), the lower the probability of the stitching issues. Try to direct the movement of the objects so that they do not cross the overlap/stitching lines, if possible. If they have to cross them, use the highest frame rates you can.

2. In any case, you should fine-tune the stitching seams in Autopano Giga, pretty powerful if you know what you are doing, check youtube for tutorials.

3. To get rid of the ghosts, switch Blend mode from "Smooth" to "Sharp", again, fine-tune stitches in APG. Use masking if it gets messy - can be time consuming, but often the only option.

Too much lenses, way too much apart for close action...