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Multiple source lensflare.jpgs?

PostPosted: Fri Aug 20, 2010 1:52 am
by Six

I have created lensflare1.jpg and lensflare2.jpg, each edited for my desired color filter specific to the individual pano in which they will reside. In fact, when they reside in separate tours, they function just fine.

However, when I try to create a tour linking both panos, with both lensflare(x).jpgs referenced in their respective xml (or even in the tour's root xml). it fails. It seems I can use one or the other, but not both source jpgs in a linked tour.

I have looked at krpano docs and found only methods for changing lensflare size,etc; no examples of how to reference two separate lensflare source images.

So here's my question...How do I edit the xml(s) to create a tour containing two hotlinked panos, allowing each pano to reference a different jpg source file for their respective lensflare?

Thanks, in advance, for any assistance,
and kindest regards,

PostPosted: Fri Aug 20, 2010 8:46 am
by Adrien F
Hello Six,

which version of Autopano tour are you using? We corrected a bug sometimes ago in a beta version which did not allow a user to display more than a lensflare at once.

However, checking the krpano documentation, when you define a lensflare set other than the DEFAULT one (used by APT) you have to define it completely:

Code: Select all
    <!-- defines lensflare sets (how lensflare effect pick graphics in the flares.jpg image and their color) -->
    <lensflareset name="DEFAULT" url="testdata/graphics/flares.jpg"/>                                           <!-- defined by APT -->
    <lensflareset name="USER" url="testdata/graphics/flares2.jpg">                                                <!-- defined by you -->
        <flare pixsize="128" pixupos="0"   pixvpos="0"  color="0x967864"  pos="+0.00" scale="0.130" />
        <flare pixsize="128" pixupos="128" pixvpos="128" color="0x200A05"  pos="-0.40" scale="0.100" />

    <!-- call to both your lensflare effects -->
    <lensflare name="LENS1" set="DEFAULT" visible="true" ath="359.877" atv="-10.3476"/>
    <lensflare name="LENS0" set="USER" visible="true" ath="360.123" atv="-39.9465"/>

PostPosted: Fri Aug 20, 2010 5:41 pm
by Six
Hi Adrien!
Thank you for your very fast and very thorough reply!

It had made sense to me that I needed to define a new lensflareset, but I had failed to do so completely. I had simply cloned & renamed the Default lensflareset with its truncated definition, which, thanks to your explanation, I now know won't feed that bulldog.

In answer to your query, I am using APT 1.1.0b9

Many thanks again for your spot on help.
kindest regards,