Pano looses color  

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Pano looses color

by Marv » Tue Oct 19, 2010 3:46 pm

I have done many Panos in Beta 11 and never ran into this before. But I've never had one this colorful and rich in colors either.

The stiched image that APG 2.0.9 created has lots of rich colors. I then take the image (and all my stiched images) into LightRoom 3.2 and add vibrance, sharpen, and mood lighting to reflect how the scene really was. When I drag the image from my file mgr into APT Beta 11 (as always) APT Beta 11 zaps about 30-40 % of the color out of that pano... and only that pano.

[s]What gives?[/s]

UPDATE: I found the problem... My Color space output changed in LightRoom.... (^&*()*)... Gerrrrrr.

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