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SuperMicro ATX Motherboard, Intel i7, 24 GB max mem, 3 channels

PostPosted: Fri Oct 02, 2009 9:33 pm
by Castillonis
This Supermicro ATX form factor motherboard C7X58-O LGA 1366 would probably be a good board to base a stitcher workstation on. It takes Intel i7 1337 quad cores with a maximum of 24GB of system memory. It has 3 channels for memory instead of two. There was a comment about it not working with memory that had a core voltage above 1.5 volts in the first slot. At $259 dollars or 175.5 Euros + VAT + shipping it might be a more affordable system. Stay away from the Xeon based systems as it will break your bank account. Also it can take regular DIMMs or ECC memory and has a layout that is conducive to good cooling and the ability to keep it quiet when it is not under a heavy load.

Supermicro specifications