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Anyone know aobut the perfromance dual NVidia 580 vs ATI Firepro 3750

PostPosted: Sat Jun 20, 2009 7:04 pm
by hankkarl

Looking to buy a new system, my plan is to get a good system that meets my needs today, and can be upgraded in a few years when ghe price of processors, etc comes down.

I have the choice of several video cards. The two I am comparing are the NVidia 580 and the ATI Firepro 3750. I use dual monitors, and want to get a larger main monitor, so I'll need two of either card.

Does anyone know of any comparisons of, or benchmarks on these two cards? Or does anyone have experience with either, preferably with APG?

PostPosted: Sat Jun 20, 2009 8:10 pm
by mediavets
Why will you need two cards?

PostPosted: Sat Jun 20, 2009 11:24 pm
by hankkarl
One 1920x1200 monitor and one 1600x1200 monitor. AFIK, a 1920x1200 needs two DVI ports.

And the less expensive 1920x1200 monitors are about $350 nowadays. In a few years, I hope the prices of 30" (2560x1600) displays comes down to this price point.

But since I'll have four DVI connectors, I may add an old 15" LCD to the mix just to see what my wwb-work looks like on smaller displays. I think most users have at least a 1024x768 display nowadays, unless they're on a cellphone.

PostPosted: Sun Jun 21, 2009 4:04 am
by gerardm
Dual link does not mean dual ports. Dual link allows more data. I run 2 30" displays with 1 nvidia card. AFIK 30" displays require dual link. I do not know if 24" displays do.

PostPosted: Mon Jun 22, 2009 2:45 am
by tived
I second gerardm here - Dual Link is for 30in and above or resolution greater then 1920x1200. Most higher end graphics cards have dual DVI, and the very highend have Dual Dual-Link DVI :-)

anyway, you can run two monitors at different resolution on most modern cards, heck, even my old Matrox Pahelia could do this (read 2003)

but when I read this thread, I thought, that maybe you were going to see if you could run APP APG using SLI-mode, if this could speed things up?

I unfortunately just broke on of my nVidia Quadro cards, so I can't test this for you, thats why I am interested to know


PS: What kind of system are you planning on building i7 or Dual Xeon, or Dual Opteron????

PostPosted: Wed Jun 24, 2009 3:48 pm
by hankkarl
I'm looking at a Dell Precision 7500, dual Xeon (the one that uses DDR3, the core is the same as the i7, I think its the Nehalem).

I'm currently running two different sized monitors in WinXP, the issue is I have my Taskbar on the side of the smaller screen, and WinXP sizes it for the larger. Just another windows bug, and I happen to like a setup that is unusual.

So since I need to get another monitor (I'll let my kids use the old system with the smaller monitor I have now). I'm planning on a 26-28 inch, 1920x1200 which will fit nicely with my 1600x1200 monitor.

Nvidia is not too clear on what monitor the cards support, but I thought I saw something that said you need two DVIs to support one 30" monitor, and that the only cards that would support multiple 30" monitors were the quadro cards.

I guess my question is "Can a card with two display port connectors service one 1920x1200 display and one 1600x1200 display?"

And will on-card memory be an issue? (the 580 only has 512M). (Gamers seem to think its not enough, but I'm not a gamer...)

PostPosted: Wed Jun 24, 2009 4:10 pm
by tived
:-) Hi HankKarl,

there no such thing as enough, when it comes to ram of any kind :-) I think you will be fine with 512mb of video ram, but I am sure more is better, what is more important is how fast that ram is

Yes, I believe that you can, and have done so, but then again I have Quadro cards and an old trusty Matrox cards, all cards that were at some point above what would be considered a standard card, so. This may not be the best ruler to go by.

Having had a look at the specs on I would say that yes, you can run, two display at 1920x1200 or less, but only one of greater resolution 2560 x 1600.

by the way, it sounds like a really nice system...looking and looking for something similar but homemade...aka hotrod :-) but not got the funds yet :-(

good luck


PostPosted: Wed Jun 24, 2009 10:53 pm
by hankkarl
Hi Henrik,

Build or buy--that is the question. I've had bad luck with drivers for aftermarket boards, so buying a complete system that works is attractive to me. But I'm planning on modifying it:

I'm planning on getting the chapest Quad core processors (the dual core is not much cheaper). The price of the system with two 5504s is about the same as with one 5520, and you get three more memory channels. I'll also get a low end (but not the lowest) graphics card. In three or four years, processor price and vidoe card prices will come down.

I'll buy the least amount of RAM I can from Dell, and add in more immediatly. I'll buy the biggest Raptor as the system disk (don't want to do any reformats out of the box) and then add a couple of nice Terabyte drives.

You have to be careful with Dell. Their year ends January 31, so they close the quarter July 31. Having worked for a company that also closed the year on January 31, I found that we closed each quater twice--once on the calendar quarter and once on the company quarter. So I think its a good time to buy Dell, but the end of July may be better.

Some considerations:

1. Dell deals get better at the end of the month, and get better as you get closer to the company quarter.

2. Dell memory is expensive, you can buy RAM and HDD a lot cheaper and add it easily.

3. Win 7 is coming, and I expect to see a deal where you pre-buy Win 7 and get Vista for now, then later you can upgrade. Rumors are that Best Buy will start this on June 26th, so Dell may also do that. But will the price go up because of all the people waiting for Win 7?