Sony Alpha 350 with Sigma 8mm F 3.5 EX DG Fish-Eye  

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Sony Alpha 350 with Sigma 8mm F 3.5 EX DG Fish-Eye

by number-88 » Sat Dec 06, 2008 10:41 am

With my Sony R1 with Raynox 185 lens I am walking in to some maximums at the moment. Outdoors all OK, but indoor I have to long shutter speeds to keep a nice sharp picture.

Now I am looking in to a new set-up. My choice at the moment is the Sony Alpha 350 simple because of the high resolution and the live view screen which is turnable...
For the lens my choice would be the Sigma 8mm FE.

Is there anybody with this setup, or does someone have any tips or tricks?

Thanks for the feedback..

Just looking around and around and around and ..............

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