Attaching a pano head  

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Attaching a pano head

by Phil Howard » Mon Oct 13, 2008 8:18 am

I've looked at pano heads shown on the B&H web site. But there is some lack of information. I cannot determine how these heads connect to the tripod itself. I have a Bogen tripod with a 3D head, which supposedly is an option with a more conventional head as another option (sold either with a tripod or separately). Disassembling this, I find 2 ways to possibly connect a new head. One is a round post about 30mm wide and 15mm high. The other is a screw that is fixed to the tripod onto which the round post was screwed in (and locked with 3 set screws).

When putting a new head on a tripod, I don't know what kind of connection is standard, or if there is a standard.

The 3D head on this tripod lets me easily aim in a lot of directions. But it won't go far enough outward to let me center the lens nodal point. So I will need a better head. I don't want to buy a new tripod. I'd rather just level out the 3D head I have now and mount on top of it.

What would be ideal is a pano head that will connect to an existing tripod right where the camera mounts. I don't know the designation for that screw, but all cameras I have ever worked with since the 1970's fit that same screw hole if they had one at all. Even my cheap P&S digital camera fits it.

So the big question. How many pano heads will attach directly to the camera base of a tripod, and present a new camera base for the camera, after its adjustments?

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by mediavets » Mon Oct 13, 2008 8:35 am

All will - the camera attachment on your head is a standard 1/4 screw. Some pano heads have standard 3/8 thread socket but you can get - or may be supplied with - an insert adapter that will convert 3/8 to 1/4.
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