APP Benchmarking  

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APP Benchmarking

by Aeriscera » Wed Apr 30, 2008 5:19 pm

I have built a new machine for running APP and want to compare its speed against other machines, and its speed on different numbers of images on the same machine. I know next to nothing about benchmarking other than it is very difficult to do because of the huge number of variables involved, especially when different machines are involved. Nevertheless I intend to try because I am a geek. I would also like some reassurance that the money I spent on the new machine was not wasted, but I want to do this mainly because I am a geek.

What I thought people here might be able to tell me is to what extent does the type of image determine run-times?

For example, is it harder for APP to detect panos in say low-contrast images? Does contrast/sharpness/whatever have an effect on blending times? Or how about the field of view? I can make a 1-D pano out of say 20 images, but the FoV depends on the zoom setting, so maybe the trigonometric calculations are different.


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by GURL » Thu May 01, 2008 10:08 am

Aeriscera wrote:What I thought people here might be able to tell me is to what extent does the type of image determine run-times?

A brief question where a complete and sensible answer is certainly not possible: too many intervening variables exist.

Elapsed time before you press the Render button and rendering time are to be set aside.

What counts before rendering:
- number of source images
- source images size (MP)
- most Detection and Optimization settings
- RAW / 16 bit TIFF / JPEG
... and much more.

What counts for rendering:
- output size (if 100% corresponds to 10 minutes then 25% often corresponds to less than 1 minute)
- color depth
- used blender
- used interpolator
- number of layers
... and much more.

A comparative study between using Smartblend and using Multiband on different machines (disk system included) for a large spectrum of pano sizes (8bit or 16bit color depth) would be, probably, the most useful and the most appraised one ...but, hopefully, would be obsolete when completed :)

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by [bo] » Wed May 07, 2008 11:23 am

There is at least two other topics on benchmarking with quite a bit of discussion, but I cannot seem to find them now.

The best suggestion IMHO is a separate application, that runs tests with predefined settings on sample image sets, downloadable separately.
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