Help - Setting up a Nodal Ninja RS2 with Sigma 8mm f3.5  

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Help - Setting up a Nodal Ninja RS2 with Sigma 8mm f3.5

by mediavets » Wed Jul 30, 2014 1:37 pm

Does anyone have experience of the Nodal Ninja RS2 pano head with the lens ring for Sigma 8mm f3.5 fisheye for Nikon.

I have a NN-R10 GTP setup and have recently acquired a NN-RS2.

I want to mount the Sigma 8mm and its lens ring on the NN-RS2


The lens ring has the 101 stop plate fitted on the base of the ring 'foot' which makes it simple to located the ring correctly on the R10.

But the NN-RS2 doesn't appear to be able to utilise the stop plate to facilitate correct positioning of the lens ring on the upper rotator clamp.

The Nodal Ninja web site offers no documentation, or settings advice, for the NN-RS2 at all - nor does the web site of the UK distributor, Red Door VR.

Here are some photos of my 'stuff' including some of the 'bits-n-pieces' that came with the NN-RS2.

Does anyone know what these 'bit's and pieces might be for? In particular can any be used to help loate/re-locate the lens sing in the upper rotator clamp? Can any be used to prevent the lens ring 'foot' accidentally sliding out of the upper rotator clamp?

Does anyone know what the upper rotator clamp setting value should be for the NPP - it's plainly not going to be the same value as it is on the R10.

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