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Re: RICOH 360 Camera

PostPosted: Mon Nov 18, 2013 2:19 pm
by mediavets
spherorama wrote:Hi mediavets,

update on self-leveling. It works with their own PC/Mac software. but there's no way to export the VR-movies.

So you cannot export an equirectangular image?
Anyway I don't think I'll use the Theta much handheld.

How about on a pole? Say, hanging out over the edge of castle wall or out of a window?

Re: RICOH 360 Camera

PostPosted: Mon Nov 18, 2013 4:42 pm
by klausesser
Destiny wrote:I personally feel software developers like Kolor and others, as well as hardware manufactures should begin to take a lot more responsibility and step outside of their box, where they focus far too much on advertising their own product to people like me and you rather than promoting the panoramic VR Tour media itself to the end user.. In my opinion they are relying far too much on us; The panoramic photographers to support and promote the Virtual Tour media, which I feel is a failing on their part and a big risk... In doing it in this way they are failing to understand that their own business is totally relent the panoramic photographers to develop and promote a market for this media..

Software and Hardware developers have greater knowledge of business and marketing skills than most of us do.. The real cycle of process should be; Software and Hardware developers promote their own product but also promote the Virtual Tour media to the end users as well, where the photographers sit in the middle. Adopting this strategy all stake holders should benefit a lot more as this media market becomes stronger and more accepting by the end users.. ... At the moment Software and Hardware developers rely totally on the Virtual Tour photographers to promote this media, but in doing this means the market will always remain small and weak.. This then opens up the door to cheaper alternatives resulting in poor quality VR Tours...

Destiny - when you´re a producer of screwdrivers: who´s your client? Right: the one who use srewdrivers for doing his/her work for, let´s say, building a car.
It´s NOT the one who DRIVES the car which was built by using the screwdriver.

HOW the one using the screwdriver in the end SELLS the car isn´t the business of the screwdriver´s manufacturer, obviously . . ;)

best, Klaus

Re: RICOH 360 Camera

PostPosted: Mon Nov 18, 2013 4:56 pm
by klausesser
mediavets wrote:If you can produce perfect high quality panos but no one is willing to buy them then you have a very expensive hobby...which is fine if that's what you want; but if you what to see some return then you have to tailor your product offer to the market you find yourself in, or try to create a different market.

Or you can try to *create* a market for your work. That´s the hardest way - but also the only one you can ask an appropriate price for excellent work.
But first of all you need to present excellent work! No use to present the same kind of work all others do anyway. You need to do it *better* than your competitors.

Be specific. Be brilliant. "Think different" :cool: - do things other ways than all the others . . .

best, Klaus