Arduino + Bluetooth + GPS  

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Arduino + Bluetooth + GPS

by FLA » Tue Nov 20, 2012 10:55 pm

Good night.

Sorry for this translation of google, but I do not speak English.

I present the first step in the manufacture of a Bluetooth adapter for our Skywatcher Mount and SynScan
It consists of a few small modules purchased from dealextreme that add to our Allview or Merlin BT connectivity.
Also, for my astronomical observations, I decided to add a GPS and a microprocessor that is responsible for setting the command SynScan with data from the GPS and formatted as explained in the paper on the communication protocol of Celestron.

Easily and cheaply, we can handle the mount with a PC via Bluetooth and set up perfectly, the position and UTC time of time of observation.

The materials are:

An adapter BT

An adapter rs232 levels

An Arduino Pro Mini

a GPS for my home made ​​for Nikon

but just any GPS providing NMEA frames.

A simple program that converts NMEA protocol Celestron and problem solved.

Adaptador_BT por Fernando Lamarca FLA, en Flickr

Adaptador_BT_2 por Fernando Lamarca FLA, en Flickr

Adaptador_BT_and_GPS por Fernando Lamarca FLA, en Flickr


When I reached the saddle Allview ire expanding information.

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