Auto Exposure Bracketing settings by camera model  

In the panorama field, hardware is also part of the success. You can discuss here about it: camera, computer, pano head, anything
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Auto Exposure Bracketing settings by camera model

by DrSlony » Mon Jul 02, 2012 9:31 pm

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by klausesser » Mon Jul 02, 2012 10:43 pm


Interesting list indeed!

By intensively using bracketing for years now i found out - for my own use and style of shooting of course - that 9 shot using 1 step difference is most appropriate when bright light-spots and deep shadows are in the scene.
Using PromoteControl i coud use up to 41 steps . . . :D:cool: but that´s a bit extreme . . . :rolleyes::cool:

On the other hand i experienced that shooting straight into a sunset - or sunrise - most likely it takes 12 steps or more for getting it all covered smoothly.

In terms of panorama: it´s a hell of a mass to shoot and process it all before stitching. Using my 85mm for a sphere it takes 200 shots@20% overlap . . . x9 or x12 . . i decided to use max. 5 steps then.

For non-panoramas or mosaics with few images it´s doable with 12 steps in a time which allows to finish before the sun is gone away completely . . :-) - but: start early enough . . :D

best, Klaus
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