Creating 360 Product Views  

In the panorama field, hardware is also part of the success. You can discuss here about it: camera, computer, pano head, anything
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Creating 360 Product Views

by Aperol » Tue Jun 19, 2012 4:30 pm

Hi !
i need to shoot object in 360° (the top would be 360x180)
i saw that in the Krpano Tools there is a Make Object droplet and it works very well : )

my problem is to find the right hardware at the cheapest price...

on youtube i saw people that are using some Turntable linked via usb to the computer, inside a light tent ... (for a 360° object).

Turntable Video:

Turntable+Light Tent Video:

but the price is very high...

any other solution or suggestion ? :)
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by klausesser » Tue Jun 19, 2012 6:33 pm

Aperol wrote:any other solution or suggestion ? :)

Yes. About 10 years ago i used a tablet for a TV-set which you can tur around it´s axis for an object-pano. Was very cheap - about 10.-€ or so.
I painted markers on the rim and a mark on the table it stood on.
Then i turned it marker-wise and fired the camera on each position. Worked perfectly.

I put a white paper on it and a half-round white paper-background behind it. Forlighting i used a 90x120cm softbox with a Balcar flash in it.

But you can use any other - cheaper ;) - light. Best suitable is a soft, bright daylight in a white room. You also can surround your table with
white screens for lighting-up the scene or transparent screens - made from sail-cloth - and give a light through it.

It´s not as comfortable as an automated solution - but it works very well if you don´t need to shoot lots of objects every day.

I never would spend money for an expensive motorized tablet - though Josef (Panoneed, TC) is developing a very cost-effective one - unless it earns me a lot of money . . :rolleyes::cool:

best, Klaus
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by Destiny » Wed Jun 20, 2012 2:44 am


There are two kinds of product photography. The normal 2D images, which are fairly easy and you can also use a light tent but its not absolutely necessary. I use soft-light-box-lighting with a backdrop for all mine so I am not restricted by area and size of products.

It depends on the quantity of 360 products you will be doing which will determine the setup for best productivity. If you are just going to do a few then a Rotor option is perfect.

You can use a Nodal Ninja Rotor set at different increments according to the desired quality of images. Nodal Ninja also sell the turntable with covers. The more images you have the better it will look and interact. The absolute minimum number of images for a 360 would be 8.

However, if you plan to do many 360 products you will need a motorised setup linked to your cameras shutter. These can be expensive. I use the VR Drive since the software was cheap and I already have the VR Drive. There are others pacifically designed for product photography where they can even allow people to stand on.. It really does depend on the size of the products you will be photographing. There are huge turntables for cars but they are very expensive. I used a big turntable to capture a chair but I borrowed a studio with it all setup.

You really should have your entire camera settings set to manual. You need to set the WB according to the area and available lighting you are working in. The backdrop is best to be the kind that flows away and up in an arch, you can use card for this. I used a cheap laser light to ensure my products were set to centre or it can give a wobble look as it turns.. You can do all of your post editing in Photoshop.

These links here are to swf interactive 360 product.

This link is using krpano droplet

This link will open a test VR Tour with a hotspot and using Object2VR

The advantage of using the HTML5 is so the 360 products will work within an iPad. The krpano will also work but you really need to edit the features to make it look more appealing.. The benefits in using krpano, its easy and quick.. No skills required.

You might see some very cool looking 360 jewellery products which you might try to recreate. Don't be fooled by these.. Many are 3D models with render maps and a heap of post editing..
The only real way to achieve perfect jewellery product photography is to use a macro lens and focus stacking software.

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by klausesser » Thu Jun 21, 2012 2:02 pm

From commercial perspective object-vr is kind of dead-end. Makes sense for catalogues and so on - but isn´t paid adaequately related to the efforts to do it in excellent quality.
The result is: 99% of object-vr look mediocre.

Really interesting object-vr becomes when you see the object in more than one row and one constant vertical angle. The products should be presented in 360x90° or even 360x180°.
To realize it you need something like that: :D:cool:

I know some guys here in Düsseldorf who bought the device for their studio back in 2000 . . . and could very rarely use it because nobody wanted to pay 250 shots for ONE object-vr plus postproduction.

Today object-vr is more like an additional offer from production-companies who do catalogues for big manufacturers anyway - and to be honest: produced in a usually rather boring manner as one row at a constant angle.

best, Klaus
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