yet another computer thread  

In the panorama field, hardware is also part of the success. You can discuss here about it: camera, computer, pano head, anything
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yet another computer thread

by wjh31 » Fri Nov 18, 2011 10:22 pm

Currently I'm using:
Core 2 Duo E7200
4x2GB ram
Radeon HD 3850
3x 7200rpm HDD (1 for system, 1 for source/dest folder and 1 for scratch, later 2 are also storage)
Vista x64 Home Premium

I'll carry through the drives , so im looking at replacing the CPU, MB, RAM and GPU ( i do some gaming too, and it's then there if Kolor implement GPGPU). Graphics will probably be HD6850 but there's a couple of options in mind for the rest so i though id see if anyone had an opinion/insight.

i7 2600k with either
4x8GB, also requires upgrade to Win 7 Pro (~GBP750)
2x8GB and 120GB SSD (in which case, should it be used for system, source/dest or scratch) (~700)

Alternatively, push for the new 2011 socket, with the cheaper CPU and 4x4GB (~GBP850 and might need a new PSU for it too)

Extra cost of the 2011 grants better ram expansion in future (64 vs 32) but the cpu cost is disproportionate to the extra power, and so to stay in budget it's only 16GB w/o an SSD, is the trade off really worth it? If not then the question is if the SSD or the extra ram has better value in the mean time.

Anyway i could ramble on for ages so ill stop there and see if anyone has comment....
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by hectort » Sun Nov 20, 2011 2:39 pm

Currently, I am on a Intel core i5-2500k, 8gb of ram, GTX 570, 120gb SSD and 500gb of hard disk. I was actually thinking of getting the i7 but figured that I am already contented with this speed (considering the over clock option).

I am intrigued with the release of ivy bridge though and let's see what it has to offer to merit if I would take the jump.

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by UK Pano » Mon Nov 21, 2011 4:09 pm

A review of the new LGA2011 chip on bit-tech didn't rate it that highly over the current i7-2600k for the 2 cores extra that you are gaining. See here their conclusion:
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by tived » Thu Nov 24, 2011 1:02 pm

faster CPU
More RAM
fastest HDD array your money can buy
Good GPU

I think this is the order of importance, but they are all linked and will ultimately only work as fast as the slowest link.

A lot will depend on the size of your pano's if you are only doing smallish pano's and not lots of gigabytes, then the need for more RAM is less, but HDD and CPU will be a lot more important.

You can look at having the fastest CPU, GPU and RAM, but when it then comes to off load it to the HDD, then you still have to wait till its done. So the faster the HDD the faster the end phase will be.
in other words do not under estimate the value of fast hard drives (e.g. SSD and RAID-0)


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