OCZ Revodrive SSD via PCI Express w/ soft RAID 0  

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OCZ Revodrive SSD via PCI Express w/ soft RAID 0

by Castillonis » Mon Feb 07, 2011 9:58 am

The OCZ Revodrive SSD cards that are PCI Express cards with two SandForce SF-1200 controllers that are striped by soft RAID 0 (Si13124 ) This solution seems to be a more affordable and easier solution than configuring a RAID 0 of multiple SSD drives. This also bypasses the SATA 3GB and 6GB ports. A review said that the lack of TRIM functionality did not seem to significantly degrade performance over a longer period of time.

Older OCZ Revodrive ( not X2 )

OCZ Revodrive X2 ( X2 is more expensive )

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by tived » Mon Feb 07, 2011 2:27 pm


i have had two of these briefly, briefly because of compatability issues. it works on some system but not on others.

my original plan was to use one for OS and one for scratch/temp disk, i managed to get them going in safe mode and they are truly impressive 300+ mb/sec

i would check OCZ forum first.....oh if you are on Mac then forget it!!!


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