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Recommendations for lenses in specific situations ?

PostPosted: Sat Apr 28, 2018 9:18 am
by Jiheffe
I have a GigaPan Epic Pro whith which I've shot lots of panos, mostly outside but also indoors.

I was wondering is there is place somewhere on this site of the web with recommendations as to which lens to use in specific situations? How many images in a pano? How many is overkill?

For example, I recently shot panos with a 50mm lens yielding 13 columns of 9 images to cover a sphere, with 30° overlap. That works great outdoors. I also used the same setup to shoot a booth at a trade show, and it looked to me as, because the distance between the camera and the booth was shorter, I got more small stitching errors, as if the parralax was more a problem because of the shorter distance.

Re: Recommendations for lenses in specific situations ?

PostPosted: Mon May 21, 2018 6:16 pm
by klausesser

Inside mid-size and somewhat larger rooms shooting on fullframe i suggest to use max. 35mm lenses @ f8/f11 because of DOF.
This results in 45 shots excluding the Nadir-shot. The Nadir-shot needs to be taken accordingly to the
kind of location. I usually prefer to "close" the Nadir-hole (down-cubeface) by retouching.

I use a motorized head - Panoneed ( - which produces a very small Nadir-hole when
i use a 35mm which is easy to fix in Photoshop.

I mean using a 35mm is a very good combination of moderate data-size and an impressing zoom-level

Here you can see a tour made by using 35mm on fullframe - which means 45 images, as said.
Shot @f11 - which provided sufficient DOF.

50mm indoors is not easy to do because of the smaller DOF than a 35mm. To "expand" the DOF you probably need to
use focus-stacking while shooting the rows and collumns twice or thrice using a different focus for each row and combine them in Helicon-Focus to ONE set of 71 pictures for stitching a sphere using a 50mm lens indoors.

Using a very prescise head - which the Panoneed definitely is - you just need to start the sequence two- or three times
changing the focus on each start. This is very easy to do - f8/11 on 35 mm for example provides plenty of DOF for focus-stacking three sequences to one sequence.

best, Klaus

Re: Recommendations for lenses in specific situations ?

PostPosted: Wed May 23, 2018 9:26 pm
by Jiheffe
Thnx for the advise! Will give it a try :-)