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4K Display Scaling Windows 10 Pro

PostPosted: Sun Aug 21, 2016 1:13 am
by gkaefer
I recently upgraded my monitor to a Digital Cinema 4K Display (LG 31MU97Z-B) with 4096x2160 pixels.
I use windows 10 pro
Nvidia GTX 980TI

using windows with 100% scaling I face the problem that most application cant yet handle the scaling correctly, icons and menu textsize are just too small.

In Windows display settings you can face the problem by setting the scaling to the reccommneded value of 150% and you also can change the menu text font size.

I tested:
APG 4.2.3
AVP 2.3.3
AVP 2.5.0 RC1
PTP 2.5.3

As you can see in my test with 100% scaling, no single kolor software I tested does scale up the icons, menues or font sizes by itself.
And as you can se in my test only the newest Autopano Video (pro) 2.5.0 RC1 does use the 150% windows scaling option for scaling the icons.
the windows option to change font size is used by kolor software when using the 150% windows scaling option.

what can be done:
follow the link and change the registry key according to the description

download the dummy .manifest file.
change to the file location of the kolor binaries, in my example the APG is named:
place now the dummy manifest file in same file location as the apg.exe file and name it identically, in my case:
thats it.
start AGP and ICONC/Menus/font size will be scaled according to windows 10 settings (150% as in my example)

I attached all screenshots I made (100% scaled screenshots)

Re: 4K Display Scaling Windows 10 Pro

PostPosted: Sun Aug 21, 2016 1:16 am
by gkaefer
screenshots for APG and PTP:

Re: 4K Display Scaling Windows 10 Pro

PostPosted: Mon Aug 07, 2017 4:10 pm
Hello Gkaefer,

Do you still use this? I just have bought an XPS 15 and have 200% as a preferred scaling. With your work-around and APG 4.4.1 it does not seem to work.

At this moment, my mouse activates buttons while being actually below the images. This occurs while in a project, not in the groups/detection screen.

Does anybody else have this too? And do you know a work around or fix for this?