New Computer for Panotour en Autopano  

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New Computer for Panotour en Autopano

by Siewers » Thu Mar 24, 2016 1:58 pm

I'm looking for a computer to use wit Panotour pro and Autopano.

I have to process lage amounts of panoramic photo's in autopano giga, around 300 pano's every day.
i make the pano's with a standard panorama head and in HDR so they consist of 12 pictures each.

Also the tours that i make consist some times up to 100 panorama's for each tour.
I want to be able to stitch panorama's with autopano and work on panotour at the same time.

Now i'm using a macbook pro but it is essential that i upgrade because it is way to slow.

what hardware specs do i have to look at? Is the fasted Imac enough or do i have to look at a mac Pro?
If i have to buy a mac pro what specs do i need?

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