Commercial cameras vs rig?  

Discuss cameras used for shooting panoramas, virtual tours or 360° videos (GoPros, DSLRs, one shot cams, etc..) and their various accessoires (lenses, monopods/tripods, etc...).
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Commercial cameras vs rig?

by bastibasti » Wed Oct 25, 2017 10:06 am

Hi there,

I'm totally fascinated with 360 in general - and I want to start getting into vr 360 spherical photos and vids.

From what I've seen on Youtube and images, I do wanna go 8k minimum.

Now, I've seen the insta360 pro which generally makes a good impression, but a diy rig might be much cheaper (the total price is not so much of an issue of consideration)

Having to choose between a insta360 and a 10 cam xiaomi (or gopro) - which one will give the better end result? (using autopano, not the internal stitcher)

I guess the process workload oh a 10 cam system would be a lot higher (copying from 10 sd cards etc) - but the advantage is clearly the scalability and upgradeability, right?

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