Processor with hardware camera interface port?  

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Processor with hardware camera interface port?

by adawang » Wed Dec 14, 2016 8:55 am

I was looking for a processor to interface to the DVP port of a 5MP CMOS camera module.

I could possibly write the software for doing this but I've heard that many processors have a hardware camera interface port that makes the job much efficient.

What would like to do is capture frames from this camera and store it in external ram for some processing later.

Any idea how could I get around doing this? I just a small enough processor about 44pins or 64pins or so that has a camera interface port and external memory interface.
I think a small enough processor isn't going to be available, I'd be lucky if someone finds some most of the processor pointed out in the answers have 200+ pins. So feel free to point to processors without the "pins" limitation.
Alas, the only "digital video port" I know about has 100 pins, and so is impossible to directly connect to the processors I am familiar with (which generally have less than 100 pins). Since you seem to think your DVP can directly connect to a 44 pin processor, perhaps your DVP is different? I know several processors that have an efficient way to accept parallel data, with a "sample" signal separate from 8 data bits. Does your module have such a "sample" signal? Perhaps is a good place to go into more detail.
By DVP meant the camera's parallel port, typically a cam module would have a 8bit Y bus and a 8 bit UV bus. Higher mp camera modules would probably have a wider bus.
I haven't got the module part number but the image sensor is omnivision, OV5642.

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