Top Money for Rapid VR Edit turnaround - 1 Video  

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Here you can post your job offers, if you are looking for someone to help you or do the work for you. 'The work' includes (but is not limited to):
    • - Shooting ( panoramas , V360° )
    • - Stitching ( panoramas , V360° )
    • - Virtual Tour creation
    • - Custom plugin creation
    • - Custom HTML coding

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Top Money for Rapid VR Edit turnaround - 1 Video

by JoeDirector » Tue Sep 20, 2016 4:36 pm

$700 US for one short stitch:
We need a fast VR 3D stitch turnaround to achieve just one VR 3D video, approximately 1:24 in length. We will send all raw files, and need a good quality finished video by Saturday 9/24. I need help with the seams, and the people walk through them, it creates more problems than I can accept with the version given to us by our editor. Video was shot in a 360 Heroes rig, 14 cameras, in stereoscopic mode (7 pairs). Audio was recorded separately, professionally, and is very clean and needs to be synced with video. There are two people in the scene; each speaks and when one is finished, she walks in a semi-circle to hand the wireless stick microphone to the next person and he speaks. I do not expect miracles, but I am looking for better quality as the talent walks across the seam. I don't mind if the background goes out a little, but I would like the talent to be as whole as possible. The talent was 2-3 feet from the camera at all times and they do not ever get too close to the camera. Resolution and quality are both good on the video, although the camera tripod was a little high (their feet are in the bottom camera). You should be accomplished at animating keyframes over time for seam issues.

We will provide all videos (14) via download service. Final output is for Oculus Rift playback. Interested parties please contact me directly at joem (at) (no spaces)

We are located in Saint Louis, Missouri USA, and are in -6:00 GMT time zone. Guaranteed payment from Paypal - 20% up front, balance upon job completion to client satisfaction (again, I don't expect it to be perfect, but just workable considering there are seams and we will see something as they walk across them). We are a well-established and reputable firm.

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