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Searching Solution For Mirroring/Remote Control

PostPosted: Wed Aug 03, 2016 10:58 am
by planb
Hey Everyone!

I am looking for a solution to mirror my PanoTour to a second screen (like Apple TV - but it needs to be a different solution due performance problems running 24/7 on a exebition). Even better would be having a second PanoTour with the same content, but without all the menues like the minimap, so that i've got a "clean" tour running on a big screen and another one with all the options menue running on a tablet to control both panoTours sycronized.
Does anyone know how to connect 2 tours or simple mirror one Tour wirless to another screen?
It doesn't need to run online, it can also work on a local server, which propably would be better for the permance.
I hope anyone has an idea! Help would be much appreciated!