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Custom Plugin Conditionals don't work with multiple elements

PostPosted: Mon Mar 20, 2017 11:28 pm
by wandering213
I've run into an issue with conditionals not being evaluated with in the plug_info.xml file. They work fine with one element in an element list but once another is added to the list they don't get evaluated at all this produces a confusing user interface. Here's an example of what type of code causes the issue:

Code: Select all
<plugin id="test" category="Advanced" name="tr:Test" description="test" version="2.1" isGraphical="true" multipleInstance="false">
      <group id="confgroup" name="tr:Pixel Perfect">
         <elementlist id="pictures" name="tr:Distorted hotspot images">
            <group id="picture_item">
               <bool id="isVideo" name="tr:Video" default="false" description="tr:Indicated that a video is being used" />
               <row id="default" conditionalParam="isVideo" conditionalValues="true">
                  <string id="voffset" name="tr:Pause Vertical Offset :" default="0"/>
                  <string id="hoffset" name="tr:Pause Horizontal Offset :" default="0" />
                  <string id="scale" name="tr:Button Scale (0 to 1):" default="1" />

      <template url="test.tmpl" />

I'm using PTP 257 on windows 10.