Change limit view of Pannini  

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Change limit view of Pannini

by Panogold » Fri Oct 21, 2016 6:15 pm

What do I have to change that the PanniniView projection opens more to the zenith and nadir?

Thank you!

<action name="setViewPanniniComplete">
if(view.pannini LT 1.0, set(backtonormalfirst,true); );
if(view.stereographic == false, set(backtonormalfirst,true); );
if(backtonormalfirst, hideTooltip();tween(view.fisheye, 0.0 ,distance(1.0, 0.25), easeOutQuad, WAIT); );
set(view.fisheyefovlink, 1.5);
set(view.stereographic, true);
set(view.fovmax, get(panoview.fovmax));
tween(view.vlookat, get(panoview.v), 1.25);
tween(view.pannini, 1.0, distance(1.0, 0.75), easeOutQuad, limitViewForPannini());
tween(view.architectural, 0.0, 0.25);
tween(view.fisheye, 1.0, distance(1.0, 0.75));
tween(view.fov, get(panoview.fov), distance(50, 0.45));

<action name="limitViewForPannini">
if(view.fov GT 130,
tween(view.fov, 130.00, 0.45, easeOutQuad, set(view.fovmax, 130);set(view.limitview, "range"););
set(view.fovmax, 130);
set(view.limitview, "range");

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