D pad control bar positioning  

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D pad control bar positioning

by f-visuals » Tue Aug 09, 2016 1:28 pm

Hello community,

I'm struggling with a request of a client that wants to have a customized design for his tour. In attached pieces you can see the kind of design he wants.
So I basically started a new control bar, duplicating "d-pad control bar".
I edited alpha in the template file to have a solid color. I then edited graphics to have a plain round instead of the cross and edited so far the color of "share" button as if arrow are white, I end up with a "share" button white as well. So now it's plain red and doesn't change on hover and click (I still need to edit the "full screen" button but as I have found the code lines, it will come later).
I have indeed 3 things I'm struggling with :
-I'd like this controls to be right centered in the project but obviously there's no option like that in the basic design
-I'd like to have the share button not in the "horizontal" bar but instead in the vertical one (under "full screen" button if possible)
-I'd like to increase the size of both "share" and "full screen" as well as reduce size of circle with arrows.

To be honnest, I can tweak with some basic code lines but for the 3 mentioned problems, first I have no clue if it's possible and then where should I look for to do it.

For the size of buttons, graphics are 30x30 so I thought that by increasing size, it would follow. But it didn't. I tried a graphic at 40x120 and then edited this code line in plugin.xml :
<feature id="fullscreen" name="tr:Fullscreen" enabled="true" guiIcon="btn_enter_fs.png" crop="0|0|40|40">
No effect.

If anyone could help me and point me what to look for it would be much, much appreciated !
Thanks for sharing your knowledge !
Best of all
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