Bootstrap template problems  

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Ce sous-forum a été créé pour discuter et/ou rapporter des bugs sur tout contenu qui n'est pas disponible par défaut dans Panotour, donc cela concerne les templates HTML customisés, plugins supplémentaires, etc...
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Bootstrap template problems

by Xander Berkenhagen » Sat May 14, 2016 2:01 pm


I found another problem with the bootstrap navigation template (top nav)
And yes, I used the latest template :-)

1. When using a map with radars on the spots it does not center the radar when using the bootstrap nav. When exporting the same project in generic template it works.
2. Bootstrap top nav and VR have issues. Menu stays visible when entering vr. Settings and desktop icon will not show on iphone..

I use this template for large projects where people need quick orientation.
So I think it's quite essential.

Could the templates please be updated?
The export templates should be part of a release.



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