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Ce sous-forum a été créé pour discuter et/ou rapporter des bugs sur tout contenu qui n'est pas disponible par défaut dans Panotour, donc cela concerne les templates HTML customisés, plugins supplémentaires, etc...
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Debug Plugin - Brilliant but use sparingly for large tours  [SOLVED]

by bitbyter » Thu Mar 10, 2016 3:53 pm

Hi - I'm posting just to make sure users of the brilliant Debug Plugin are aware that it can *significantly increase build time* for large tours. Unfortunately, I didn't realize this and have spent hours waiting for my projects to build after making a small change. While learning how to use PTP I included Debug at the base template of all my tours so that I could observe how things worked behind the scenes. While the tours remained small, there was no significant delay in build times however I'm now producing large tours and the build times for some were more than an hour!

For a while I was just blaming PanoTour for choking on large tours :( I should have realized earlier that in order to do it's job of identifying which panos are interconnected, which are left orphans, etc. the Debug plugin would have to iterate through the set multiple times and that there is a real time cost in doing so. As the number of panos increases, the time required must be exponential.

So, while obvious now, my advice to other users with large tours is to use the plugin sparingly just before publishing and my suggestion to Kolor Team is to post a more significant warning about increased build times on the Plugin page.

Cheers, Scott

**EDIT** In less than 1 hr, Annis has posted a notice! Great response ...thank you!

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