template: progress bar and show wait  

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template: progress bar and show wait

by gkaefer » Wed Jan 27, 2010 2:46 am

In the wiki I added a template for the progress bar & show wait.
The xml file contains the complete syntax documented at krpano.com and I added finally one line of code containing all possible values for the progress bar and show wait. some values are set to default, some others not. The default values are documented with the syntax.

so. just downlod it. edit it with an normal texteditor. finally drop the xml file to the according template -> progress subfolder of your autopano tour 1.1.0 beta 6 installation (or newer) and (re)start autopano tour to see the template in project properties -> Interface -> Template pulldownmenu.

the wiki resource link: http://www.autopano.net/wiki-en/action/view/APT_resources_progress_gk_20100127_01#How_to_use_it

Liebe Gruesse,
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