Zombie Walk Stockholm 2016 (180x101)  

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Zombie Walk Stockholm 2016 (180x101)

by Skaven252 » Mon Apr 24, 2017 4:37 am

I made a full 360 render of my 180x101 zombie walk video so that it can be viewed on Google Cardboard, with rotating spatial audio.


Disclaimer: It's not economic to do 180x101 in full 360 - resolution is wasted on the black backside - but it's currently the only supported way. I hope YouTube will add full support to 180 degree videos in the future. The Oculus Browser and Samsung Internet on Gear VR has a 180 degree mode you can switch to, but it's specific to Samsung Internet and Oculus Browser only, so those 180 degree YouTube videos would not be viewable on any other platform.

Equipment used:
- 2 x Sony HDR-AS100v camera (stereo pair with 65 mm IPD)
- Zoom H2n recorder in spatial audio mode
- Steadicam vest

Footage synced and rendered in AutoPano Video Pro; spatial audio synced with Reaper and multiplexed into the video with MyFFMpeg.

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