3D 360 tour of The Science Museum Zaha Hadid Gallry  

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3D 360 tour of The Science Museum Zaha Hadid Gallry

by thegameveda » Thu Feb 09, 2017 4:15 pm

Take the first 3D 360° VR walk around Zaha Hadid's The Winton Gallery at the Science Museum


Tap the Google VR icon and view in Google Daydream, GearVR, VR One HTC Vive , Oculus Rift , Google Cardboard etc.
Mathematics that's what this gallery is about. From Babbage's Difference engine to quantum computing chips it's all here and meant to inspire you. But this augmented 3D VR memory is also about me using the real world to test applications of VR and push the limits of 3D VR capture. There are no 40 K costing cameras here , no cables no stationary tripods, no crews or private viewing shutting down the gallery. For a year now I have been 'thinking' in spherical 3D , which means I pick up which real world environments are not justd suited for VR capture but 3D VR capture , the second I saw Zaha Hadid Architects design for this gallery I knew I had to get to London to attempt to capture the experience. Remember this is a true application of VR filming , meant to give you a taste of the experience of what it will be like WHEN you visit the science museum for REAL , not the false application that some VR prophets hype with VR replacing your actual visit to the museum. This is why I am not to fussed on focussing on every piece of text, I want to use VR to create a curiosity in the viewer or 'experiencer' that makes them want to visit the actual reality of this space. VR and AR should augment your real world not replace it and they will as @finkd et al will learn , after some reddit group upvotes it in sufficient numbers for facebook / google data mining engines to show it is trending. By that time I will have you walking round this space holographically ...in fact given 1/1000000th of their funding I could do so now , which is what the more observant, disruptive, foolish and hungry amongst you will have noticed I am doing so with the construction of this 3D VR Video . Actually I think this the most impressive 3D Stereoscopic VR video I have made , so get yourself to the Science Museum after walking round in 3D VR ... oh ,and Palmer ...see you in the Museum...but brah but remember it may be too cold for flip flops at this time of year. Full article on 3D VR capturing London , to follow @thegameveda

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