Comparison between Panotour 2 & Panotour Pro 2


Panotour Pro


Compatible Windows, Mac, Linux

Intuitive interface, zero programming for all included features

Choice between a dark and a light software interface

Customizable workspace

Shortcuts for tooltips: %p


Multiple file formats accepted in input: JPG, PNG, PSD/PSB, KRO, TIFF

Unlimited number of panoramas per virtual tour

Support of full spherical panoramas (360°x180°)

Support of partial panoramas (smaller than 360°x180°)

Automatic detection of the fields of view if the panorama has been processed in Autopano Pro/Giga

Support of giant panoramas (larger than 200 megapixels)

Groups of panoramas


Several panoramas linked together in a same virtual tour

Polygonal hotspots (except in HTML5)

Image hotspots

Video hotspots

Point hotspots

Opening of a photo when clicking on a hotspot

Opening of a Flash® object when clicking on a hotspot

Opening of a website in an Internet browser when clicking on a hotspot

Opening of a video when clicking on a hotspot

Opening of a website within the virtual tour when clicking on a hotspot

Combining 360-degree views and gigapixel panoramas

Support of the gyroscope (from iPhone 4 & iPad 2): visit the tour by turning the mobile device


Default graphical themes (styles of the control bar)

3 styles of bars

6 styles of bars

Adding of custom graphical themes

Colorization of the graphical themes (that changes the main color of a whole graphical theme)

Default hotspot icons

61 icons

124 icons

Individual colorization of point hotspots

15 combinations of transitions

Adding of custom transition templates


Auto-tour: automatic sequencing of the panoramas

Customizable auto-rotation per panorama

Navigation through a thumbnail stack

Navigation through a thumbnail bar

Navigation through a drop-down list

Unlimited display of logos

Adding of a map based on OpenStreetMap

Adding of a map based on Bing Maps

Adding of a map based on Google Maps

Advanced options for the embedded maps: custom radar, controls, automatic GPS-based positioning of the panoramas

Adding of a floor plan with custom radar

Little Planet intro effect

Customization of the contextual menu (adding links to websites)

Change of projection through the contextual menu: normal, fisheye, architectural, stereographic, pannini, little planet


Global sound for whole the virtual tour

Sound for each panorama

Adding of videos in rectangular hotspots (the videos adapt to the 3D view)

Adding of a LivePano video hotspot (Livepano is a paid option)


Export of the virtual tours in Adobe Flash format

Export of the virtual tours in HTML5 format

Export of the virtual tours in .ptv format. This format is used in Panotour viewer and allows you to display your tours offline

Export of the virtual tours for mobile devices (iPhone, iPad and most Android-based devices)

Dynamic loading of the zones to be displayed (multi-resolution)

Export of the XML files for an advanced customization through coding

Unlimited KrPano license (included and exportable) for an advanced customization through coding: acces to all KrPano resources, ability to add KrPano free & paid plugins

Export and import of the cube faces

Export of equirectangular images from cube faces

Direct export to an FTP server from the program

Ability to add a branding-free license (paid option)

Hiding of the possible error messages given by the virtual tour

Domain-limited virtual tours: your virtual tours can run only on the websites you authorize

Style plugins in detail

Control bars

Classic control bar

"D-Pad" control bar

"Dock" contol bar with thumbnails

Rounded control bar

"Urban" control bar

"iControl" control bar


3 styles of Previous / Next buttons

Unlimited adding of custom buttons

Unlimited adding of 2-state custom buttons




Masked image




Small galery bar

Image zones

Colored area






Loading information

Loading image

Loading text

Loading bar and loopings (Adobe Flash format only)



Floor plan

Panotour Maps (OpenStreetMap, Bing Maps, Google Maps)



Contextual menu

Panorama list: text area listing all panoramas

Panorama Combobox: drop-down menu of the panoramas

Panorama menu: menu with arborescence enabling the navigation among the panoramas classified in groups

Contextual menu of the projections

Text areas




Classic thumbnail bar

Simple thumbnail bar

Thumbnail stack





PDF visualizing module

Social sharing module

Integration module for videos hosted on the web (YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo...)

Webpages integration module


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