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VOD : Learning panoramic photography with Autopano

  • Apprendre la photo panoramique
  • Learn panoramic photography with Autopano

VOD : Learning panoramic photography with Autopano

Master all aspects of stitched panoramas! Arnaud Frich will show you the basics, and then techniques to create professional-quality panoramas using Autopano software.

• 6h24min training
• Direct download after payment, Lifetime access VOD.
• Language: French or English.
• Internet connection needed for activation

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Arnaud Frich is a professional master photographer and teacher. A specialist in all forms of panoramic photography, he has written several books including The Guide to Panoramic Photography. He also shares his experiences through his website www.arnaudfrichphoto.com. Master all the aspects of stitched panoramic photography. After having absorbed lessons for beginners, you will learn the methods that will allow you to create professional-quality panoramas. Video tutorials will present the best ways to stich panoramas using Autopano Giga detailling all its tools. This training is suitable for Autopano Pro and Autopano Giga.


  1. Introduction
    Author's introduction

    Introduction to panoramic photography
    What is a panoramic photograph? Part one
    What is a panoramic photograph? Part two
    The principle of stitching images

    Understanding projection types
    Geometric projections in panoramic photography
    Geometric projections in stitched panoramic photography
    Geometric projections depending on the angle of the camera and lens type

    Constraints and guides for panoramic photography
    Analysis of overlap zones
    Definition of the Entry Pupil
    How much overlap?

    Panoramic heads
    Locating the entrance Pupil
    Camera settings
    Can you use standard tripod head?
    Two types of panoramic head
    The parts of a panoramic head
    How to proceed if you don't have a panoramic head?
    Transporting camera equipment
    Setting up your tripod

    In the field...
    Panoramic head settings
    Measuring exposure time
    Final tips
    White balance
    Taking the pictures

    Preparation of the elements
    Stitch quality: What about optical distortions?
    Comparing RAW and JPG files

    Corrections before stitching
    Correcting chromatic aberrations - theory and practic
    Correcting vignetting - theory and practice
    Correcting distortions - theory
    Correcting distortions - practice
    Correcting white balance and brightness - theory and practice 1
    Correcting white balance and brightness - practice 2
    Correcting white balance and brightness - practice 3
    Importing, storing and saving photos

    Presenting Autopano
    Autopano's interface
    Autopano's Help system
    Opening and analysing a folder
    Opening and importing Gigapixel projects
    Plugin Wizard and new Neutralhazer tool
    Editing the panorama
    Saving a project
    History tool
    Program settings

    Aesthetic choices in panoramic photography
    Geometric projection choices
    Cylindrical and Spherical projections

    Autopano tools
    Control Points Editor
    Cropping your panorama
    Defining the Vanishing Point for your assembly
    Automatic Horizon and Vertical tool

    Geometric and colorimetric corrections
    Brightness and colour correction
    Image rotation
    Roll correction
    Levels and Fusion

    Rendering a panorama
    Rendering a panorama: Output options
    Night photos and dealing with movement

    Tips for improving your panoramic photography
    Working with a large range of exposures

    Retouching and finishing
    Retouching photos in Photoshop
    Finishing an image depending on final destination

    Going further...
    Intro to the world of virtual visits
    Some principles for creating a virtual visit

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Duration 6h24min
Language French or English


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