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Kolor Panobook 2011

  • Kolor Panobook 2011

Kolor Panobook 2011

Kolor Panobook 2011 offers the most beautiful panoramic photos of the year, selected from an international contest by a jury of photo experts. The result: an unequaled pleasure for the eyes and an invitation for an unforgettable tour throughout the world...

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Panobook 2011: the 156 most beautiful panoramic photos of the year.

What is the Panobook 2011 ?

Each year, the software publisher Kolor invites all photographers, may they be amateur or professional, to take part to a big panoramic photography contest. The book Kolor Panobook 2011 presents the most beautiful images resulting from the contest, chosen by a jury of 3 professional photographers particularly interested in the panoramic format. For this Panobook 2011, Jean-François O'Kane, Matthias Taugwalder and Harald Woeste voted for the best compositions. Don't wait any longer to discover these wonderful, creative and surprising images and embark on an unforgettable journey around the world ...

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Technical specs

224 pages
Texts in English, French and German
Prefaces of the jury members
Comments of the photographers
Contact details of the photographers
Book co-published in partnership with dPunkt Verlag (Germany) and Rocky Nook (USA)

Shipping and delivery

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The 116 selected contributors

Cyril Albrecht
Pierre Alivon
Jean-Louis Amas
Robert Ankrum
Frank Bailleul
Dimitri Berard
Olivier Blanc
Gerald Bloch
Gérard Borre
Jean-Laurent Bortolaso
Christian Braut
Andy Bryant
Etienne Busson
Justin Call
Stefanie Carle
Christian Carpentier
Arnaud Chapin
Michel Chretinat
Ronald Cooper
Samuel Couzinet
Steve Cullen
Jorge De La Torriente
Frédérique Desmedt
Martin Dilg
Nicolas Dorsaz
Jacques Drago
Olivier Dugenet
Thomas Dulaurent
Philippe Durand
Philip Earl
Francisco Estrada
Emmanuel Fernandez
Jennylynn Fields
Randy Finch
Bryn Forbes
Zvardon Francois
Ludwig Franz
S. Martin Friedman
Claudio Galli
Patrick Gauthey
Pascal Gerard
Maeva Giacometti
Vincent Gielen
Serge Golikov
Jacques Gourier
Aleksey Gudkov
Thierry Guinet
Eric Hagemann
Matt Hardy
Kostas Harvatis
Jean Louis Heitz
Scott Hendershot
Rolando Hernandez Albin
Con Hionis
Hartmut Jahn
Stan Jirman
Huub Keulers
Hady Khandani
Michaela Khandani
Georg Kohr
Marek Kosiba
Roderick Laird
Laurent Lang
David Lansade
Fabrice Leduc
Volker Leng
Barney Leonard
Jook Leung
Eli Locardi
David Machet
François Martin
Victor Marz
Mauro Marzo
Steve Mcburnett
Karl Meier
Jean-Baptiste Merillot
Gabor Monos
Robert Moore
Lachlan Moore
Malcolm Mosher Jr.
Jean-Bernard Nadeau
Christophe Nasarre
Robert Near
Robert Oelman
Dirk Paessler
Bert Pasquale
Jean Yves Penchet
John Porter
Julien Rambaud
Sylvain Riballet
Randall Roberts
Johan Rousset
Pascal Saulay
Etienne Sauvagere
Kurt Schneider
Romain Scholer
Markus Senn
Gabi Smalley
Darryl Stair
Mike Steffl
Marc Stevens
Tony Sweet
Rita Szenczy
Fabien Thibault
Ronald Tichelaar
Martin Tinak
Olivier Tops
Anthony Toulze
Lance Trott
Graham Twomey
Cedric Valle
Richard Vallon
Romain Vingerhoets
Myers Walker
Stefan Weber
John J Wood

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