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GigaPan EPIC Pro

  • GigaPan EPIC Pro
  • GigaPan EPIC Pro - Camera not included.
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  • GigaPan EPIC Pro - Camera not included.

GigaPan EPIC Pro

The motorized panoramic head GigaPan EPIC Pro takes dozens, hundreds or thousands of detailed photos to let you create high-definition gigapixel images.

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Capture high-resolution panoramas with the exceptional performance of GigaPan EPIC Pro camera mount. Automate your shootings and create impressive panoramic images. To get the best result, stitch the photos automatically with Autopano Pro or Autopano Giga software and make your panorama interactive with Panotour Pro software.


• Camera and lens combinations of up to 10 lbs
• Strong and durable, yet lightweight with magnesium chassis and aluminum arm
• Optimized range of motion - 360 panoramic and -65/+90 tilt range of motion with precision incremental movement
• Multiple triggering option allows the EPIC Pro to take multiple pictures (20) at each image location
• Weighs less than 7.25 lbs with battery pack
• A reducer bushing to enable the 3/8" mounting hole. The EPIC Pro will mount on any sturdy tripod with a standard ¼–20 tripod screw
• LCD Display

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Embedded computer

The GigaPan EPIC Pro has an embedded computer with LCD screen of four lines. It is very practical as it doesn't require a laptop to be used. Once set, the embedded computer will control the entire shooting sequence from the first picture to the last, by rotating and tilting the head and automatically triggering the camera.


Gigapixel photography requires the use of powerful lenses. Any vibration can increase the risk of making your shots blurry. You should take care of two things: on the one hand, the mount needs to be sufficiently stable, and on the other hand the camera and lens have to be well positioned according to its center of gravity. The EPIC Pro is composed of a single non-detachable unit offering a good compromise between size / stability / weight to make gigapixel shots.

Multiple possibilities

GigaPan EPIC Pro not only enables you to shoot a great quantity of images in the goal of creating gigapixel panoramas, it also lets you automate the shooting for a 360° virtual tour (attention: the tilt range is -65°/+90° to avoid that the lens bumps into the head), or to automate bracketed shotsin order to create HDR images.

American Photo Editor's Choice

"Once only a fiction in the movies, the concept of a digital image with practically infinite detail has become a reality, courtesy of GigaPan motorized camera mounts. Derived from NASA imaging technology, these systems precisely automate the process of shooting dozens or even hundreds of separate frames that, when stitched together in software, create gigapixel-size (1000-megapixel-plus) images."
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American Photo magazine (USA)

Popular Photography Award

"We like a big picture, and with the GigaPan you can make really big pictures. Essentially a smart, robotic version of a panoramic tripod head, it shoots and stitches giant multishot images. The original version, made famous by that super-high-resolution photo of President Obama’s inauguration, could hold only a compact, but this one handles a DSLR and lens combo weighing up to 10 pounds."

Popular Photography Magazine (USA)

User case: 16-gigapixel panorama of Machu Picchu, by Jeff Cremer

An amazing photo captures Machu Picchu in what could be the highest resolution image ever taken of the Inca citadel. This interactive panorama is made up from 1920 separate pictures taken using the GigaPan EPIC Pro camera mount and stitched automatically with Kolor Autopano Giga software.

> Discover the gigapixel image of Machu Picchu
> Opposite: the project's making-of

Kolor advices you

Once the shooting with the GigaPan EPIC Pro is finished, the images have to be stitched together. Then, if you want to publish your panorama on the Internet, you need to make it interactive and save it in a format compatible with a viewing on the Internet:

Stitching of the images

GigaPan Stitch software is shipped with the camera mount, but we advice you to use Autopano Pro or Autopano Giga software, that both include a dedicated GigaPan import module that guarantees the right positionning of the images and the stitching quality.


To make your panorama interactive and to be able to publish it online, we advice you to use Panotour Pro software. Designed for the creation of 360-degree virtual tours, this application also handles gigapixel panoramas. You can even link together gigapixel panoramas with embedded 360-degree virtual tours, add sound, videos, animations and many other features.

Make the most of your gigapixel shootings with these two software applications.

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Weight 7.25 lbs
Size 10-5/8" x 11-7/8" x 5-7/8"
The pack includes • Battery Pack and charger
• Digital trigger cables (CANON N3, CANON/PENTAX E3, NIKON 10–Pin, MC–DC2, MC–DC1; OLYMPUS RM–UC1 and SONY RM–S1AM)
• Does not include camera or tripod


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