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Panotour / Panotour Pro 2.1 (FINAL)

Mardi 29 avril 2014


L’équipe de Kolor vient de mettre en ligne une mise à jour des logiciels de création de visites virtuelles Panotour et Panotour Pro. Cette version 2.1 est gratuite pour tous les utilisateurs de la version 2 et ne nécessite pas de nouvelle clé d’enregistrement.
Cette nouvelle version est optimisée: les temps de chargement des projets et de construction des visites sont beaucoup plus courts.

Panotour et Panotour Pro 2.1 apportent également des améliorations concernant la prise en charge des visites virtuelles réalisées avec le Ricoh Theta. Le logiciel détecte automatiquement les visites réalisées avec ce nouvel appareil et vous propose d’appliquer des réglages spécifiques dédiés au Ricoh Theta.

Cette version 2.1 apporte également des fonctionnalités supplémentaires et corrige des bugs.


Télécharger Panotour/Panotour Pro 2.1 FINAL

Le journal des modifications


Panotour / Panotour Pro 2.1

Main changes

Ricoh Theta support

Panotour automatically detects your panoramas shot with a Ricoh Theta device.

If the gyroscope settings of your Theta during the shooting indicates that the panorama is not leveled, Panotour asks you if you want to automatically fix the horizon.

If you answer yes, a new file will be generated, and this new file will be used instead of the original Theta file.

We added two new presets dedicated to Ricoh Theta virtual tours, to enhance your Theta experience.

You can have look at the following video, to see how easy it is to create a tour with a Ricoh Theta:

Here are two virtual tours created in Panotour with images shot with a Ricoh Theta and with these new presets:

Loading time reduced by up to 100x when opening a project

Loading a saved project in Panotour is now incredibly fast.

When you save a project, Panotour now saves 2 files.

A “.kpt” file, like before, containing all the source data of the project and all its parameters.

And a new “.cache” file.

This new file contains some optional data used during the loading of a project and during the build of a tour.

This file can be lost without any incidence on your project, except the performance during load and build times.

Just a quick bench done on the project of the “Lac du Bourget” tour : Le Lac du Bourget

This tour contains 23 panoramas including 3 gigapixels.

Loading this project took 22 minutes with version 2.0.

Once saved with version 2.1, the loading takes 12 seconds only!

In this case the opening is 100x faster!

Memory usage significantly reduced

The new “.cache” file stores a resized version of your panoramas.

When Panotour loads a project, it doesn’t load the full resolution version of your panoramas anymore, but their smaller version.

The full resolution version of the panoramas is automatically loaded during the build stage if required, or you can load it by yourself in the hotspot editor, if you think that the reduced version of the panorama is too small to place your spots correctly.

If the panorama had been previously built and if it does not need to be built again, the full resolution version of the panorama won’t be loaded.

Reduced build time

When Panotour builds a tour, it cuts each panorama into many tiles for a dynamic and smooth loading of the tour in a browser. When you build the tour once again, Panotour checks if all the tiles have already been correctly generated. This step can take a long time on big panoramas or if your project contains a lot of panoramas.

You can avoid this check on each panorama, by telling Panotour to not generate its tiles.

When a panorama is marked “Do not generate tiles”, a new icon appears over its thumbnail in the main area of Panotour to indicate which panorama will not be built anymore.

You can uncheck this option at any moment.

Benefit of Autopano 3.5 improvements for Livepano generation

The Livepano wizard now supports Autopano 3.5 projects.


Virtual tour enhancements

Customize tooltips styles as you want

Tooltip styles can be customized either globally or per plugin.

Add play and pause buttons over video spots to ease user experience

Cursors related to the tour control mode are displayed on Flash tours

Titles and captions can be added to each image of your gallery


Minor enhancements

New Generation Methods

3 generations methods for the tiles can be used to build a tour:

- The default, and recommended one, builds only the necessary tiles of all panoramas except those marked as “Do not generate tiles”.

- The second one generates all tiles of all panoramas except those marked as “Do not generate tiles”.

- And the third one forces a full generation of all tiles of all panoramas whatever their status.

You can customize the spot style of automatically geolocalized spots

When you geolocalize a panorama and decide to automatically create a spot at this location, you can now change the style and the tooltip of this automatic spot.

Bing Maps layer usage inside Panotour Pro

You can now set your geolocalized spots over a Bing Maps layer inside Panotour Pro.

This layer requires a key to be used. This key is used internally, it may be different of the one set in the PanotourMaps plugin parameter.

The key can be entered in the Preferences window, or directly in the spot editor.

Add a specific thumbnail for your tour that will be displayed on social media when sharing it

In the Project properties, you can select a specific thumbnail, on the left of the project name.

This thumbnail will be copied in the tour and used by social media when the tour will be shared.

Generated tours use krpano 1.17 final release

Panotour is now available in Turkish



Projects are now saved in a way that does not depend on the language you choosed to run Panotour.

That was the case with 2.0 projects.

So when you will open a project saved with version 2.0, you’ll have to run Panotour with the language used to save this project.

If you do not so, you may loose some actions on some plugins and spots.

Once this project will be saved with version 2.1, you will be able to open it whatever the language used to run Panotour.


Linux 32bits and MacOS SnowLeopard are no more supported


Fixes since 2.0.1

- 0003103: [Feature] Ricoh theta support
- 0003363: [UI] Yaw / Pitch / Fov / Compass are not filled until a click on panorama Preview
- 0003348: [UI] Livepano + APG 3.5 integration
- 0002809: [UI] Build progress bar : doesn’t dissapear
- 0003076: [UI] Blank build progress bar
- 0002875: [UI] Bing map key filler into UI interface for map.
- 0003033: [UI] Add tooltip and style selector for map spots of geolocalized panoramas
- 0003370: [Plugin] PanoramaMenu : select item color is not applied to groups only
- 0003349: [Plugin] Rounded corner bar : tooltip for show/hide control is not visible
- 0003340: [Plugin] PanotourMaps : bad display of the map on bottom when fullscreen is activated
- 0003339: [Plugin] PanoramaMenu : correct possible bad height affectation
- 0003220: [Plugin] Viewers and Gallery plugin : placement correction for title and/or interface buttons
- 0003100: [Plugin] Autorotation : issue with plugin pause autorotation
- 0002422: [Plugin] KolorBox Gallery : add title + caption color and font options
- 0002612: [Plugin] Ability to add style/font for each tooltip and text + add a general selector for all project
- 0002774: [Tour] Hotspots Livepano and Video : ability to play/pause-stop video
- 0003378: [Algorithm] When adding a new gallery, an error is displayed saying the action is already registered

Fixes since 2.1 RC1

- 0003421: [Algorithm] Panotour Standard : unable to build the tour when a panorama is geolocalized
- 0003425: [Algorithm] Unable to change input field of view
- 0003419: [Algorithm] Unable to patch the nadir of a panorama
- 0003418: [Crash Dump] Crash while building tour when changing nadir patch
- 0003400: [UI] Delete a plugin display bug
- 0003401: [UI] Hotspot editor : panorama is not visible after a click on “load full res”
- 0003420: [UI] First plugin selected is not the plugin displayed
- 0003424: [UI] 3D Preview : black display when changing projection
- 0003428: [UI] Font chooser does not work on Mavericks
- 0003451: [Tour] On MacOS the cursor disappear over the panorama menu
- 0003430: [Tour] Splashscreen : blink on Flash player if delayed by others plugins
- 0003431: [Plugin] Combobox : unable to display a panorama name containing an apostrophe
- 0003422: [Plugin] Gallery : Unable to open the gallery to a image with an index over 100

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