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Panotour / Panotour Pro 1.8 (mise à jour gratuite) : Bing® Maps dans vos visites virtuelles

Vendredi 16 mars 2012

Mise à jour gratuite : Panotour® et Panotour® Pro sont disponibles en version 1.8.

La principale nouvelle fonctionnalité est la possibilité de générer des cartes basées sur Bing® Maps dans Panotour Pro.

La version 1.8 apporte également des corrections de bugs et quelques ajustements (voir le journal des modifications ci-dessous, en anglais).

Télécharger  Panotour et Panotour Pro 1.8

Les dernières améliorations dans Panotour Pro comprenaient :

Journal des modifications


Improved position setting of image and video hotspots

Rectangular hotspots displaying images or videos can be drawn easier than before.

Fix issue 1198: panorama names containing commas are correctly displayed in the tooltipss

When the user moves over a spot or a thumbnail linked to a panorama which name contains a comma, this name is correctly displayed in the tooltip.


The following features are only available in Panotour Pro.

Bing® Maps inside

Bing layers (Aerial, Hybrid and Road) are now available in Panotour Maps plugin.

PanotourMaps plugin is now able to display OpenStreetMap® Layers, Bing® Maps layers and Google® Maps layers.

Bing Maps and Google Maps layers need a key to be activated.

Bing Maps keys are available through website

Google Maps API keys are no more available, but you can still use your old keys.

Improved spot positioning to ease XML edition for gigapixels panorama

Use horizontal and vertical coordinates that allow the use of KrPano looktohotspot action when building gigapixels tours.

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