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Autopano Pro / Autopano Giga 2.6.2 RC1

Vendredi 27 janvier 2012

Cette nouvelle version RC intègre un système d’analyse des crashs et fixe quelques bugs (voir la liste des modifications ci-dessous, en anglais).

Télécharger Autopano Pro / Autopano Giga 2.6.2 RC1 .

Main change

Papywizard focal length integration

Sometimes, it is really needed to check that focal length provided by images and provided by XML are good and matching. In some case, you just don’t have any focal length. We added an easy way to do that directly in papywizard plugin.
Crash analysis system for Microsoft Windows


- 0001134: [Performance] Generic crash analysis system – resolved.
- 0000561: [Editor] Moving image issue with update – resolved.
- 0000932: [Shell Integration] Qt path under linux – resolved.
- 0001028: [UI behavior] Workspace saving leads to crash – resolved.
- 0001128: [Import plugins] Papywizard – Focal length integration – resolved.

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