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Panotour / Panotour Pro 1.7.1

Jeudi 15 décembre 2011

Voici la version 1.7.1 des logiciels de visites virtuelles Panotour et Panotour Pro. Cette mise à jour mineure fixe quelques bugs (voir le journal des modifications ci-dessous).

Télécharger Panotour et Panotour Pro 1.7.1

Journal des modifications (en anglais)


fix issue 1033 : Custom helpscreen not set after opening a project using one

If a project contained a custom helpscreen, this custom screen was not selected in the “Help Screen” field of the “Display” tab.

fix issue 1059 : Unable to create a tour with all data embedded in an unexisting directory

Panotour/Panotour Pro failed to build a tour that embedded all its data, if the tour path contained an unexisting directory.


fix issue 1061 : Panotour Pro needs to be closed after registration to be able to generate a license in iPad tour

PanotourPro was unable to create the iPad license in a tour if this tour was build in the same Panotour session than the registration of Panotour.

fix issue 1043 : iPad tours freezed when loading second panorama

When the tour contained polygonal hotspots, and no sequences hotspots, the iPad version of the tour was blocked when loading the second panorama.

fix issue 1048 : Tours containing Google Maps freezed when loading second panorama

If a tour contained Google Maps, and if the map was badly initialized (local untrusted folder, or bad google API key on a webserver), then the tour was freezed when trying to load the second panorama.

fix issue 1030 : Bad syntax in “effect” and “jsborder” attributes in thumbnails description

Thumbnails border on iPad was badly drawn due to a bad description syntax for their attributes.

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