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Autopano Pro / Autopano Giga 2.6 RC1

Mercredi 9 novembre 2011

On approche à grands pas de la version finale d’Autopano 2.6 : Kolor met en ligne aujourd’hui la version 2.6 RC1 des logiciels d’assemblage d’images Autopano Pro et Autopano Giga. Parmi les nouveautés, une nouvelle icône “Recharger” vous permet de retoucher vos photos dans un logiciel tiers comme Photoshop (par exemple, pour masquer des zones non désirées) et de les utiliser automatiquement dans le panorama. Pour les autres changements, voir le journal des modifications ci-dessous.

Télécharger Autopano Pro / Autopano Giga 2.6 RC1.

Si vous n’avez pas encore regardé les vidéos présentant la version 2.6, vous pouvez les retrouver ici.

Principales modifications (anglais)

  • NEW : new ‘reload image’ icon in layer editor
    • This is nice when drawing mask in photoshop. This simple button let you see the result in autopano directly ( it flushes the internal cache and reload all images or just the selected image ).
  • NEW : single stack detection
    • In a group, if you have several images, but all regrouped into a single stack, detection was not allowed. It is now possible to detect a panorama for such case, which is quite nice to do exposure fusion without the need of stitching.
  • IMPROVED : blending
    • New adjustements have been made into the multiband level handling resulting in a better color blend accross large uniform areas like sky.
    • You can try that on images with huge color exposure differences without color correction activated, it does work well ( try also to set the pyramid level to 0 which will smooth color differences to the max ).
  • IMPROVED : External software support
    • Support for Adobe Lightroom and Bridge has been improved ( UTF8 charset support, hundred of images support, etc)
  • IMPROVED : Extended Save As
    • Improved speed when using option move
  • FIX : Corrupted TIFF export

And a lot of fixes.

Warning :

- We found a late minute crash when using Exposure Fusion preview under Mac only. So don’t use this feature yet on Mac. Normally, we should not put public a version with such hard crash, but we still decided to make it public as it fix many issues from beta 4. Mainly, we want to get some feedback about the blending adjustement done to see if it improves the quality of rendering.

Fixes :

- 0000965: [Neurone ( optimisation )] Image jump in editor – resolved.

- 0000931: [UI behavior] About the achor multiple selection – resolved.

- 0000956: [Import plugins] Lightroom and Bridge plugin import error (too much args) – resolved.

- 0000985: [Editor] Change lens Model in editor leads to crash – resolved.

- 0000984: [Editor] Ransac mode not well initialised in CP editor – resolved.

- 0000919: [Neurone ( optimisation )] On some panorama without exif, divergence in optimization – resolved.

- 0000917: [Neurone ( optimisation )] If no exif in image file, the preset fisheye is selected instead of strong – resolved.

- 0000900: [Performance] Free memory report in rendering seems wrong – resolved.

- 0000949: [Cortex ( rendu )] Bad bench times in Render description sheet – resolved.

- 0000958: [Shell Integration] Extended save As – resolved.

- 0000947: [Editor] Crop does not work if some images are unchecked – resolved.

- 0000944: [Neurone ( optimisation )] Color correction anchor changes – resolved.

- 0000943: [Editor] Layer and selection – resolved.

- 0000938: [Editor] Anchor edit issue in CPU mode – resolved.

- 0000933: [Image I/O] Corrupted color profile – resolved.

- 0000941: [Image I/O] TIF saving doesn’t work anymore – resolved.

- 0000709: [Cortex ( rendu )] tiff writing really slow – resolved.

- 0000940: [Editor] Preview fusion is too slow – resolved.

- 0000939: [Cortex ( rendu )] Blending issue ? – resolved.

- 0000936: [UI behavior] density histogram display – resolved.

- 0000945: [Editor] Decimals in input focal length – resolved.

- 0000942: [Editor] Newly added image should be checked in layer editor by default – resolved.

- 0000930: [UI behavior] Fix in CSS for linux on dark theme – resolved.

- 0000932: [Shell Integration] Qt path under linux – resolved.

- 0000793: [Cortex ( rendu )] Embedded layer in rendering issue – closed.

- 0000911: [Shell Integration] Linux integration script issue – closed.

- 0000806: [Neurone ( optimisation )] Several detections on the same group succeed then failed – closed.

- 0000801: [Cortex ( rendu )] Can not save after editing – closed.

- 0000553: [Cortex ( rendu )] Rendering crash mac – closed.

- 0000946: [Test case] Editing a group of copied photos changes the originals – closed.

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