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Wednesday 16 January 2013

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27 Responses to “Kolor customer reviews”

  1. Reto Weiss Says:

    I must admit that you not only have an extraordinary product (apg and maybe others), but also an excellent documentation (Wiki) and a very responsive customer support. Very impressive, congratulations!

  2. John Nalder Says:

    Thank you Kolor Team for creating such high quality products and providing prompt and efficient

    I have been using the Autopano Giga and Neutralhazer in my Panoramic work with fantastic results. 90% of my photo stitching work involves these two products, although photoshop 6 and PTGUI come into play on occasions.

    I have found the Neutralhazer product to be a great benefit in revitalizing those hazy photos
    especially in the sky and background areas. Some photos that were not quite saleable, have now become saleable after being processed through Neutralhazer. This product can also work wonders on your Panoramas.

    Your regular E – mail advices on new products and software upgrades are greatly appreciated.

    I just recently upgraded to the latest version of Autopano Giga.

    Keep up the great work KOLOR.

  3. Gregory James Phelps Says:

    I find AutopanoGiga difficult to use and because of a lack of good instructional videos very difficult to figure out how to use its various features.

    In most cases Photoshop CS6 did a much better job of stitching and blending.

  4. Aaron Könog Says:

    Thank you for making your great Software available on Linux!

  5. Lynne Black Says:

    Your customer follow up is just another example of Kolor’s quality as a company and further positive testiment for your great product.

    The Kolor product is the best on the market and your website is easy to navigate and use. I wish your company success.

  6. Kelvin Bowen Says:

    Love the program, far better than Pano2vr ( horses for courses, I’m a Photographer not a computer expert.) for Photographers, simple to use , with the great help I’ve received from you. Done my first virtual tour: I think its Stunning, can’t stop looking at it. thanks for all your help, couldn’t have done it without you. Best Wishes

  7. Maxim Bashevoy Says:

    Awesome update, thanks so much! Looks great and seems to work much faster. Keep up the good work!

  8. Boudewijn Baele Says:

    My congratulations with the ” Renaissance” of Autopano !
    A masterpiece of face rebuilding !!! I like it !

  9. Chris Carson Says:

    Hello Kolor Team, and thank you.

    I have already downloaded and purchased both programs. Autopano Pro and Panotour.

    A tremendous leap of faith, you might say. But I was looking for Pano software and yours seemed to be about the most professional I could find. I looked at a lot of programs and some was good, and some was rubbish. As far as I could see it, yours was about the best. Naturally I shall need time to learn how to use it properly, but it’s a learning curve I am looking forward to.

    No doubt we shall be talking again.

  10. Graeme Wright Says:

    Hi Guys, I just wanted to send you a message saying thanks for your wonderful software and great business ethos. We’d very nearly purchased Panoweaver 7, though after some undesirable experiences in even just the pre-sales process we decide to do a better hunt ourselves to see what was just as good or better for our need to produce flash tours, instead of going off recommendations, and we’re so glad we did. Autopano really was the only one we found that makes the job so much easier going from RAW photo to Flash tours, and when we haven’t known how to do something, everything thus far has been answered quickly for us in the documentation and forums. I was absolutely astounded at how great the information repository is for the Autopano products, including video tutorials!, as well as the really honourable way you conduct business by providing things such as coupons for existing customer’s ongoing benefit, as well as licensing that allows me to use my desktop and laptop, and use Windows and Linux. It really isn’t just a set of tools, it’s a whole community that we’ve found. This has made our ventures into virtual tours much more time efficient and enjoyable for us. So many thanks for all your hard work in making these great products, and for the ongoing time and effort to produce helpful information to go with it, and treat your customers with thought and respect. Regards,

  11. Terrence Michael Bolton Says:

    This program has just totally amazed me. It will save me hours on my panos , absolutely hours.

  12. Bill Seifert Says:

    I have been using Autopano Pro since and ABSOLUTELY LOVE your product! It is the best I have used after trying about 10 stitching programs over the years. I am excited about beginning the stitching of about 3000 recent photos into about 500 panoramas. So far I have had perfect results, even with the most difficult ones, all using a hand-held camera. Your product is amazing!


  13. Clayton Spada Says:

    I would like to thank you and the Kolor Team for your very kind and thorough assistance with the upgrade process. Autopano has proven to be a very important software package that I have used in connection with a long-term photo-documentary project, and I wanted to make sure that you and the rest of the Kolor Team that your fantastic application is backed by first-class customer service.

    Kind regards,

  14. Syd Buxton Says:

    Have just started using Autopano Pro 2, having upgraded from 1.4 – great stuff! Seems to work a lot faster than the earlier version. Keep up the good work, Kolor!!!

  15. Gordon Bain Says:

    may I say that I am most impressed with Autopano. I have tried both the Photoshop stitching section and ‘Stitcher’ but Autopano is waayyy better than both.


  16. Woodroffe Paul Says:

    Big thanks to everyone at Kolor for the most impressive bit of software I have ever owned……


  17. Vincent Dykmans Says:

    Hi, I am a very happy user of Autopano Pro. Over the years I have taken many panorama shots and always relied on panorama software that came with my camera or photographic software. The results were never great and quite often pretty bad. I decided to buy some proper software a few months ago. I ended up testing several software packages and decided on Autopano. I tested about 20 of my own panoramas with varying levels of ‘difficulty’ and Autopano was the only software package that stitched all of them together with no input / editing required, no seams, and no ghosting. Very impressive! Thanks for creating a great product! Cheers, Vincent (Perth, Australia)

  18. Ron Cooper Says:

    I live in Oregon and was out in the Columbia River Gorge yesterday shooting panoramics that I’l stitch with AutoPano Pro today. It’s a wonderful program that has changed the way I approach my landscape photography. Thank you for creating such a useful, functional tool.

  19. Abbett Robert Says:

    I just have to tell you. I have been doing panoramas for years and your blend tool is by far the absolute best! Here in Hawaii, we have a lot of sky to deal with and your program blends blue sky better than any other software. Even with a series of auto exposures! Way to go!

  20. Peter Gutsche Says:

    Dear Kolor team,
    I have just received the panobook and wanted to provide my feedback!
    It is a great book! It is a pleasure to browse through the 365 panoramas around the world – I like the tiny maps next to each picture – this is like travelling virtually around the world.
    It is also very inspiring regarding the different techniques applied in the pictures and the different meanings of what a panorama can be (as you stated in the text).
    Last but not least, I consider the book as a little masterpiece in layout and design: the images are very nicely presented, the corporate design of your company is subtly integrated into the whole and – as I said – the tiny maps make it easy to navigate and know where you are (as Jules Verne would have liked it too, I am sure – - a side glance on the title of the book ….).
    I am glad to have got the opportunity to contribute to this book and am looking forward to next year’s edition!
    Best regards and have a good christmas time!

  21. Wertz William Says:

    Got my books today!
    Great job, a really important book for
    Panorama and Digital Photography.
    Many thanks for your huge effort.

  22. woods John Says:

    I am very much looking forward to using the autopano soft ware.
    I have left behind the hectic pace of wedding photography and have since moved to into the fine art end of the craft
    for the past several months I have been using a 100mm macro lens on my Canon 40D and stitching with Adobe CS3 I look forward to using not only the stitching program but also the HDR part as well
    Thank you for the work you have put in to allow we as photographers to excel in our craft

  23. Steve Peterson Says:

    The more I use the program the more I appreciate its intricacies. It is a very powerful program that allows for a great latitude of customization and fine tuning. I am very impressed with its workings and your support and service.

    Thank you,


  24. Balsen Sy Says:

    I purchased autopano a few weeks ago. This is just a note to let you know how much I love it! Amazing software. Best stitching software I’ve used (and I have them all). Great job!

  25. Lauvås Ole-Johan Says:

    Thank you for the great software. Much better than Hugin! Great value for the money! I prefer the Linux version. Linux is great for this type of tasks.

  26. Halbwirth Alexander Says:

    Thanks for this great programm!!
    I am earning my money with it since
    version 1.3.

    Nice to have it working in german!
    Now I understand what I am doing :–)

    Best regards from Austria

  27. Budd Davisson Says:

    It’s an amazing, simply amazing, piece of software. I’m still experimenting with it for my application, which includes shooting panos of the interior of tanks and airplanes, but so far it has been frighteningly easy to figure out and the results are startling. If you need an endorsement, I’m your man.

    Budd Davisson, Editor-in-Chief

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