Kolor Store: Ricoh Theta and Panotour Bundle | One Click VR

Tuesday 29 April 2014

Kolor is proud to launch a revolutionary 360 bundle to easily build virtual tours. This solution “One Click VR“, good value for money, presents three main advantages:

  • Simple. Four steps are needed to build a complete virtual tour. Place the Ricoh Theta on its ultra light carbon monopod, shoot remotely with your smartphone or tablet, drag and drop your images to Panotour & generate your virtual tour!
  • Quick. You only need a few minutes to create your virtual tour. Have a look at this video:
  • Professional. The internal software of the Ricoh Theta makes the image stitching by itself and provide you with 360 degree pictures that you can directly open in Krpano and create virtual tours with Panotour. The result is optimal.

Affordable, light and easy to use, the bundle One Click VR offers an economic alternative to the devices (panoramic head, DSLR camera, fisheye lens, tripod and the stitching software Autopano.) usually used to make virtual tours.

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